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  1. Wow that is cool and I’m hoping that card got a high grade then right? Haha that card is insane but to be honest with you what good does that to me? No one asked me and it’s prolonging my submission and I’m not going to get anything out of it. I don’t mind that it goes up there at all and with all due respect I just wish you guys kept me in contact and random people on instagram are going to see what my card graded before I do . Do what you guys need to do but just keep me in contact that’s the best card I have ever pulled I been super nervous about since the moment it left my hands and went into shipping . I’ll look out on instagram for it. Happy holidays cheers
  2. Hello sent a submission a few days ago with a bunch of cards for bulk, as well as one card for express and one card for standard. Thought express would be faster than standard and interestingly enough standard is done and on the way but express is not. It's my first package so apologize for the newbie question. The express one thats still grading is 1034114.
  3. Thank you for the reply so if there is a mix of standard and express what do you mark the side of the box with ?
  4. Hello newbie here first post . I have a few cards that are worth more than $250 and need to be in another tier so they have to be submitted as a separate order or can they all go together? Thank you