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  1. I voted for Thor for the simple fact that he is a god.Although Hulk gets stronger the madder he becomes.I`m hoping he can only become so pissed off.
  2. Good post skybolt.I`ve been in the hobby for 10 yrs or(off and on) but have limited expearience in buying from ebay.I do know that with ebay you are usually safer to go with a CGC book than a raw one.Like you,I have found that often the books are overgraded.It`s not a good feeling to be drooling for that book in VF/NM you won and then to find out it is more like a VF-(or has a hidden defect).So far I only own three CGC books(all from ebay)but I like the peace of mind of knowing what I get. You are right about ole Spidey.ASMs from the 60s-80s increase in guide value on a consistant basis...kinda like inflation,eh? My advice to a newer collector would be if you enjoy ASM find a couple at a grade and price you can live with and....BUY IT! I inventoried my bronze ASMs recently and could`nt believe the books I had bought for chump change added up to $1356.00! I`d never sell any of them,though....each one has a story.haha
  3. Love the Pre-Heros! I just picked up Strange Tales #93 in VF/NM cond. but will be completely happy if it is a strong VF/VF+. I`d been after this one for some time,but in a high grade and at a price in my budget.Ended up paying $97.61. I`ll let you know the verdict when I have her in my hand though.
  4. My advice would be:Read/collect what you most enjoy and you will never be disappointed. The vast bulk of my collection is basically worth cover price.When I started(circa `93) it was because I remember how much I enjoyed the artwork,stories,and the charachters of my youth. For my more valuable books(bronze and silver) I always try and get the highest grade of a given book that I can afford.Generally I collect VF/NM copies with a few NM/NM- in there for good measure. If I can get a good deal on a key book in F or higher grade I am all over it(provided I have the funds). Use commen sense(and archival storage products)when storing your treasures. Try not to get caught up in the hype of the moment. (Like I did with the Valient titles.....ouch!) Buy as many TPBs and reprints of the classic stories as you can! Great and inexpensive way to enjoy the wonderful art/stories of yesteryear.