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  1. Kevin, I hope you're well and I look forward to seeing you at this show! Any idea when the bulk of the comic creator guest list will be announced? Thanks so much!
  2. I attended. Seeing @Kevin Boyd right at the beginning was a huge highlight Not a lot of comic dealers, but I was super pleased with Canadian Comics' selection. Overall, a fun time hanging out. I'm optimistic about the Spring date.
  3. This is a super necessary movie... because it seems so unnecessary. Where does it fit in? What's the point? All those questions in fans' minds will require to creative team to focus on making a damn good movie instead of relying on its tie-in to the next big event. Which of course, it inevitably will somehow. And we know Scarlet Johansson's got chops.
  4. Right on. Nothing wrong with a little official confirmation.
  5. Oh, wow. I honestly didn't think this would get released. It looks okay. I'm not in any huge hurry to go see it, but if reaction is good, I'll go.
  6. Saw it yesterday. While I can't really say anything at all because of the embargo, I will say that my prediction is that this will be universally well-received. I had only one observation that I'll share on Monday
  7. Me neither! I tried Googling the interview as well and didn't find anything - got a link to it, or a screenshot of where Eternity might be?
  8. I'll say I'm pretty confident the cameo will be Hugh Jackman... as Hugh Jackman.
  9. Agreed. Really not feeling this. I've personally reached a point where I'm choosing not to go see everything that comes out, because there's just too much to choose from... right now, I'm not actively planning to see Dark Phoenix.
  10. It should be a blast, dude! Tim and I will be there Thursday night, and Steve will be joining us Friday night or Saturday morning. I can't remember what the verdict was on dinner but I'll touch base with you on Friday! As for Calgary, it will great to hang out in a new town together