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  1. On 4/5/2024 at 11:39 AM, jjonahjameson11 said:

    Fisch, its fine to disagree and discuss.  the last time somebody disagreed with me regarding my comments on auction results for OA, I spent considerable time preparing my point by point response and the result was a lot of agreement.

    I base my comments on numerous factors, as you do with yours.  Given I am not in the best of health, I would be happy to discuss with you at a later date, point by point.

    FYI, the last Byrne X-Men page sold for $56K, if I recall correctly.  Perhaps you are thinking about another one?  Most Likely the page from X-Men 137?

    I hope you feel better, and I hope you keep this discussion online (I really want to know why this page is so valuable).

  2. On 4/5/2024 at 11:07 AM, jjonahjameson11 said:

    Thus far,

    sal Buscema Cap 137 cover sold for the same price back in 2019


    Byrne Xmen page went at $30K discount


    Frenz ASM 252 page … a steal at $174K


    Hannigan Spec Spidey 64 complete interiors average $7.4K per page seems strong 


    Heck ToS 39 page - congrats to the seller!

    Romita Jr DD 254 cover seemed light by 25%

    Eisner stuff - good to see prices reflect the importance of his work

    Re: The Bryne, where are you coming up with a 30k discount?  Is it a previous sale?

  3. On 1/30/2024 at 8:25 AM, delekkerste said:

    Re: DD #181 page in the last auction vs. DD #174 page in this auction

    I think the #181 page is better drawn, better looking and is from a more important issue, but the #174 page has Daredevil fighting The Hand which is probably what more people are looking for content-wise than a Bullseye-only page. There are certainly those who collect Miller for the artistic elements and will prefer the #181 page, but, I think more people would want Daredevil on the page, in action. I think a Daredevil-only page > a Bullseye-only page, though, Elektra+Bullseye (the #181 fight sequence) > any page featuring Daredevil in the run. And given the scarcity of #168-181 Elektra pages (and she being a major creation of Miller's), I think many of those would also be > Daredevil-only pages. 

    Given where prices are these days, if you are looking for a "one and done" type of example, I think you have to go with the #174 page. If you like the #181 page better from an artistic standpoint, that's fine, but, then I think you have to ask yourself whether that's enough or whether you still need a page with Daredevil on it as well to fill that hole. 2c 

    I can't find the thread at the moment, but on a collecting goal thread I think in 2023, one of my two goals was a Miller Daredevil page fighting ninjas, so subject matter this is pretty much exactly what I wanted.  I can't think of the right words to phrase this, and Gene mentioned "artistic elements" in the post above, but to my not very trained eye, the page doesn't scream "Miller".  Maybe I am just trying to talk myself out of spending a lot of money.  Would someone please (Gene or Scott or somebody who has expertise in Miller) mind (and send me PM if you don't want to do it publicly).elaborating on the "artistic elements" on this page?  Thanks in advance.


    On an unrelated note, there were a few really great pages of the Kirigi character that I enjoyed looking at on CAF..  I never thought to inquire if they were for sale (they weren't marked as such).  They are not there anymore.  On the off chance the owner is reading this and they were taken down in anticipation of selling, please drop me a line as I would be interested.;.  

  4. On 1/15/2024 at 8:24 AM, stinkininkin said:

    Hey Byrne Xmen experts! Might the Xmen 137 page have underperformed a bit? I don't know that market as well as some, but the 81k price seems a tad light? Also thinking about it next to the DD 181 page at 156k--nice pages from big time key issues--but about half the price for the Xmen page with all the main characters, and the DD page that's Bullseye only. I know, kinda apples and oranges in some regards, but the comparison interests me.

    I have a few Byrne X-men pages and bought one recently at Heritage (it’s on my CAF page), but I hardly consider myself an expert.  As someone in the market for another one though and a potential buyer, I was turned off by the yellowing word balloons.  Absent that issue, I would have bid higher, as otherwise I think it’s a fantastic page.

    Regarding the DD 181 page, how would you compare it to the one in the upcoming auction?  I don’t own a Miller DD page but am actively looking for one and was very tempted on the 181 page.  It doesn't have DD in it, but is that really what fans of Miller’s work are looking for?  I always thought it was the surrounding characters that he had the most profound impact on (Bullseye, Kingpin, Punisher, and obviously Electra and Stick).  Yeah, ideally I would want DD interacting with them, but if they are “artistically equal”, does a Bullseye only page rank below a DD only page (and I am leaving out the 181 bonus points)?  Also, and I don’t have the proper words for this but hopefully you get my point, but isn’t the shading, motion and black and white contrasts that are on this page, especially the 4th panel, what made Miller’s work so groundbreaking?  Very interested in what an expert has to say (Gene, anyone else feel free to chime in).  

  5. I really wanted the Captain Marvel cover (I was the underbidder, but got the sense the buyer was just going to pay any price and dropped out).   I would be very curious if anyone knows anything about the history (did it change hands recently, was it marketed privately, etc.).  Thanks in advance for any response.

  6. On 1/12/2023 at 9:50 PM, Unstoppablejayd said:

    I’m not sure why everyone is so surprised by this one,,, the 107 cover went for 360k almost exactly a year ago. And this 98 is earlier , a much better image…better images of the X-men and in action vs a key villian and one of the few early covers wolverine is actually on. 

    FYI, the $360,000 figure on the 107 included the buyer's premium per Heritage's archive.  The 98 sold for $432,000 when BP is added. I agree that it is a more desirable cover, although the description did include reference to moisture damage. 

  7. Thanks for the responses.  I regret posting this question for a few reasons:

    1)  It had a lot of typos.

    2)  The sample size is pretty small. I only feel this way about a handful of pieces,

    3)  It doesn't quite reflect how I feel.  It is not that I dislike the art any less, it is just that on a few pieces I own, I am finding it difficult to look at them without also saying to myself "what was I thinking paying so much money for this."  I don't view my collection as an investment, so there is no rational reason I should care about over paying, but that doesn't stop me from doing it.

    Thanks again and I hope everyone has a happy holiday season.


  8. If I am particularly interested in situations that you ended up paying significantly more than your estimate of fair value.  For example, I see a piece I want at auction that I like, but not  absolutely need to have.  I make fair value at $20k.  I end up getting in a bidding war for the price and win paying $45k (maybe I got excited during the bidding, maybe I just said to myself it is a solid page, who cares if I over pay)  The bottom line is that when I do this, I tend to attach a negative option on the art.  The art in my collection that I enjoy the most tends to be is the art I bought before the big run ups in pricing, and the ones I didn’t feel I was overpaying for.  Do readers of this entry have similar views/experiences.

  9. In the 20th century, the two biggest hobbies were coin and stamp collecting.  Fast forward to present day, and stamp collecting is dead, and if you go to a coin convention, my experience is you won’t see anyone under 45.  I spoke to the head of the coin department of a major auction house, and they told me the same thing (they couldn’t get their own kids interested), and while there is still plenty of money to be had in coins, my impression is that there has been very little in the way of price increases over the last 30 years.  My impression is the hobby (coin collecting) is dying.  

    I am wondering if there are a lot of serious collectors for golden and silver age comics (I am talking high end slabbed)  that are “young”.  Obviously we have seen huge price increases, and the hobby appears to be on fire, but how many if any of the people setting the price for high grade silver and gold comics are new people coming in as opposed to people who have been involved for a decade, and if they are whether they are more than casually interested, (eg. their interest is more serious than they saw a youtube video telling them how to flip comics or are buying because a crypto influencer told them to diversify)?  Any thoughts appreciated.

  10. On 5/13/2022 at 4:37 AM, Race said:

    For those unaware, some of the major crypto hype Twitter accounts (1M+ followers) have been pushing the purchase of slabbed books for over two years. I think true comic book fans stopped being the driver of the high end comics and OA market quite a while ago.

    One more thought: Yes, high end art is a luxury for the wealthy... who comprise 80% of the stock market and speculative assets... so the last 4 months of market decline and 6 months of crypto decline (BTC topped in Nov) will hurt their balance sheet to some extent.

    Would you mind elaborating a little on the crypto hype twitter accounts?  What books were they pushing?  Thanks.

  11. Has anyone in rally road been burned by comic purchases? A comic with a first appearance is easier to explain than some random game worn jersey unless they can add descriptive context (worn during Super Bowl, etc.), let alone a fashion bag.

    On 9/16/2021 at 6:28 AM, delekkerste said:


    My friend invested in 10 Rally offerings and was down on 8 of them at one point. IIRC, the biggest loser was the Michael Jordan 1984 signing day jersey, which, even after rebounding 15% in the latest trading window, is still down 38% since Rally first sold it in January 2021. 

    The 1985 game-worn Air Jordan 1's are down 45% since being offered in November 2020. The 1996 game-worn Air Jordan 11's are down 25% since January, and that's even after rebounding 20% in the latest trading window. 

    There are plenty of offerings with minus signs in front of them...Hermes Crocodile Birkin bag down 22%...2014 Domaine de la Romanee-Conti wine collection down 24%...1993 Jaguar XJ220 down 36%...1980 Lamborghini Countach down 37%...signed copy of JFK's Profiles in Courage down 27%...Signed 1st edition The Great Gatsby down 32%...2000 Pokemon booster box down 30%...2003 SP Authentic LeBron James autographed rookie card down 35%...

    I aggree with others that done if the sports cards ran up and are plentiful enough (MJ rookie cards, etc.) that the decline doesn’t tell me much.