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  1. I'll keep this open one more day then close up shop. Only selling the lot now and it's down to $750. Some great books.
  2. Sure I’ll send you a PM and you can tell me what books you want and I can ship as long as you pay actual shipping.
  3. Flash LOT FOR $750 156 - Good $8 160 - G+ $10 161 - Fine minus - $20 162 VG+ $15 163 Fine $20 164 Good minus $5 166 VF/NM purchased from Bob Storms $120 167 VF $50 168 Good $5 169 VF/NM purchased from Bob Storms $125 170 VG $15 171 NM purchased from Bob Storms $225 173 FN+ purchased from Bob Storms $30 174 Fine purchased from Bob Storms $25 174 Good + $5 175 Fine - $75 177 VF $50 183 Fine + $35 186 Good bottom staple detached - $4 208 VF- $20 209 VF $25 226 VF+ $20 228 VF+ $15 281 VF+ $10 297 NM- $10 300 NM $10 Buy the lot for $750 plus shipping
  4. Flash comics from the silver age. All are raw and will be shipped using USPS Shipping price for the lot will cost about $30 to ship to the USA. Standard rules apply. NO HOS. Returns only accepted if the book is not as described or as pictured here. Time stamps in post or mail will prevail. Thanks
  5. On hold pending payment
  6. One book for now Standard rules. No HOS PayPal preferred but will consider Zelle Returns accepted if book doesn’t arrive as pictured or described shipping is $16 USPS priority
  7. Thanks! That tele is a custom shop fender and it’s one of my favorites. What a beast.
  8. Bumping and will close this and move to eBay soon. Grab them before I am gone
  9. Bumping since this was moved to mixed and also 10% off all books.
  10. Hey everyone, I listed a bunch of marvel slabs and have much more to come I’ve got a raw run of Flash (some older) and the second run. Captain America 2005 run of slabs coming tomorrow.
  11. Tomorrow I’ll be listing a run of Captain America 2005 Brubaker. High grade slabs at low prices.
  12. Thanks! The explorer I just got used but it’s basically brand new. 2020 serial number and signed off Jan 2021. the tele is a custom shop fender nocaster. Heavy relic The Morgan head I got recently and it’s a top boost Vox type amp. Very Tom Pettyish
  13. Those are killer guitars! Who knew I would find other guitar players on here I love the LP access. And that Lifeson 335 here’s a couple of my other lefty’s and also check out my YouTube show www.tone-talk.com
  14. Iron man Annual 2 8.0 presents better $45
  15. Spectacular Spider-Man 1 9.4 $90 shipped
  16. Hahah someone buy something and I’ll post another guitar