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  1. Excellent buyer.. Very fast payment. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thanks!!
  2. Couldnt agree more.. These artists and writers are now in their twilight so to preserve a verified sig by the creator on the best possible copy makes sense to me. Peds are usually in amazing condition which means it will take much longer than a .5 copy to fade into dust.
  3. Fast payment and a nice guy to boot. Thanks for the sale and I hope we do business again.
  4. Bought 2 books from him, both at great prices, and they arrived well packed and quickly. Thanks Cristian..
  5. My fav cover of the run, if not all comics.. I cant wait to finish school and pick up a 9.2 or 9.4 of this book.
  6. I was reading the "clearing the Photobucket" thread and wanted to make sure I got a pic of these together..
  7. NICE books Green.. I love that 137 9.4 W pgs That is right up my collections alley. 118 is pretty too.. 1st slab I ever bought was a 118 9.4 W pgs
  8. My 3 book coupon sub.. I was hoping for a 9.0 on the ASM and a 8.0 on the JIM but I am happy. The JIM 112 is my favorite cover of all time. I love the Hulk and the way that Kirby drew him is incredible.. And my new Favorite slab...
  9. Nice book Bill!! looks a lot like my 3.0 CR/OW. Staples are well centered like mine. I hear that is kinda rare on ASM 1s.
  10. For sure.. I had my spawn 1 B&W variant and ASM 328 9.8 signed by him through DWC in July. looking forward to getting them back..
  11. Just out the door and already whipping out the big guns.. WTTB..
  12. That is a nice SS 330 there Green. I been looking for a 9.8 to get a Todd sig on..
  13. Thanks! I have decided 9.4s are plenty pretty enough for me and they are reasonably priced. So im working a 9.4 102-200 run. Me too but my run goes all the way to current, with my main focus right now being copper 9.8ss books. GL bro its a long road. I started in 2005 but i am super picky about which books i buy. Yeah I keep bouncing back and forth between my Hulks and Spideys.. Only buying OW or Whites though. Does that make me a PQ snob??
  14. Thanks! I have decided 9.4s are plenty pretty enough for me and they are reasonably priced. So im working a 9.4 102-200 run.
  15. Gotta say that Harvdoss is a great seller. (thumbs u Packs stuff very well and ships fast. Thanks Harvey.
  16. A few books new to my collection.. Always on the lookout for IH 9.4s w/ white pages from 102-200.
  17. Great copies guys. So I have been wanting this issue for the longest time and I have found a buddy who would sell me his Hulk 1 4.5 OW for 3200. Is this a good deal?? It would involve me spending some money I have but am trying to save. I collect #1s and I have always loved this book. But I am also an investor. Could I get my money back out of it if need be??