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  1. Very slow so far this year. The only things I have sold with any frequency are 1st appearances and facsimile copies of 1st appearances 1st Buffy the Vampire Slayer 3 copies sold this year 1st Appearance Fathom 3 copies this year 1st Shuri appearance 3 copies ytd Facsimile of Werewolf by Night #32 1st Moon Knight I have sold 12 copies ytd
  2. I always think of Silver Age and earlier as a keep and hold type of investment and look at Copper/Modern as buy and flip Bronze is a little of both eBay sales have been sporadic and mostly selling with offers, as opposed to the stated buy it now price
  3. Interesting thread , makes you think I always hoped my son or daughter would have some interest and take over the collection one day. This will apparently not happen! I like the idea of a trusted board member available to contact and if negotiated in advance, handling the liquidation of the comics. My fear would be that my wife or kids would end up selling the whole thing to a shop for pennies on the dollar. I bet I am close to the 80/20 rule (20% of my collection has 80% of the value) Having someone that could pull the big ticket items and handle the sale and then figure out what to do with the remainder would be worth quite a lot. I think I need to contact some local boardies about arranging this to happen
  4. I have a similar issue with him. Bought a bunch of stuff 6 weeks ago, never arrived. He has not been answering PMs... My experience with DIMEBAG_D is the same Sent payment 11-1 no books as of the 16th He responded to a pm that they would go out tomorrow (the 17th) No response to email or PM and I have opened a paypal dispute He has also not responded to that complaint so I wait on paypal
  5. I'll add a 2nd copy to my pile of these please Halloween Horror #1 Maxx 9,11,19 NM 88,92-97,99
  6. more for my pile please Halloween Horror (Miracleman back cover) #1 King Kong #1vf $0.50 Maxx #8-11,19-22,26 New Mutants 88vf/nm $1.25, 91-94, 95,96,97,99, Oz (Caliber) #5vf $0.50
  7. Superman/Batman 2003 #3-7, 10 variant Lee add these to my stack please
  8. Please add this 2 my pile (Mustache is optional) Batman/Spirit #1
  9. New Mutants 85, 88nm- $1.75, 89 nm $1.50, 90,91-94, 95,96,97 99 Add these to the pile please
  10. Please add extra copies of Marvel Fanfare 15 and 18 to my stack as well as Marvel Team-Up Ann 4 9.2 Miller $2
  11. Marvel Fanfare 1982 #1,2,3,4,15,18,20,21, please add these to my stack
  12. add to the stack please Last of the Viking Heroes #5 and if you have extra's I'd take those as well
  13. OPlease add to my pile Jingle Belle's All Star Holiday Hullabaloo
  14. please add to my pile Harbinger #0 red logo #1 vf/nm has coupon but detached $2.50 2 nm- has coupon but detached $2