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  1. Cover to Green Lantern #1 by Pat Broderick...anyone know where this sucker landed all those years ago?
  2. BaronV, I may be selling the cover to Green Lantern #5 (Vol. 3) by Pat Broderick...let me know if you have interest...!
  3. If I remember right, MD Does not have any art left (since I was also looking for the splash page of Hal Jordan coming out of the Battery at the end of ED screaming "Guardians!")...and unfortunatly I have seen not a whole lot pop up...but I have seen a Cover on www.romitaman.com at one point not to long ago...and you won't believe this, but it was the cover to Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn #6! You maybe can contact him and he could put you in touch with whoever bought it from him? And the Road Back art? Good luck...I know for a fact that Pat Broderick has no art, and if anyone knows where the cover to #1 is, please let me know!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Thanks for all your kind words! BaronV, if there was one cover I ever dreamed of owning, it was Emerald Dawn #1. I also messed my pants when I found out A.) where it was and B.) I could buy it! When I had MD Bright do a commission for me a few years back via e-mail, I asked about Emerald Dawn art, and he told me he had the cover to #1 sitting in his closet for almost 15 years! He said he would not sell it, so I was bummed. But a few days later he e-mailed me and said he would let it go if I wanted it. *Bam*...pants messed! And the Rebirth, Sinestro Corps and Blackest Night covers were all bought sight-unseen, months before they were even drawn! I had no idea when I started buying with Rebirth that GL would be the best it has ever been...just got lucky! The Framer I have used on all my art is one of the best...she has done all the mat cuts and I have driven her nuts with them, but over the years she has gotten exceptional at doing them!