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  1. Nice to finally see these new sets. The Jan-June 2015 catalogs in our local shops didn't have these. First thing I noticed is the Quinjet, it's pretty different from the earlier released Quinjet. And now we have another motorcycle for Cap, that's now the 3rd one if I'm not mistaken.
  2. Wow, those are some killer Daredevil books
  3. Some CGC sketches for sale, might add more, just pm me if interested in anything, thanks! http://boards.collectors-society.com/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Board=79&Number=8031391&Searchpage=1&Main=354578&Words=&topic=0&Search=true#Post8031391
  4. From STGG. At the current exchange rate it looks to be about $719 before shipping. Cheaper than I anticipated with an edition size of 950. Edit: Both bases are temporary. I was at the event, this looks awesome in person. I'm considering getting one myself.
  5. Just got this Doom, I still need to decide where to put it.
  6. Thanks goes to you too man, for all the effort in getting things done. (thumbs u
  7. Heubert's prices not including grading yet $130 - Grey copics half body $150 - Grey copics full figure $100 - Inks half body $130 - Inks full figure