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  1. Age of Ultron sets have made their way into the latest Lego catalog.








    Nice to finally see these new sets. The Jan-June 2015 catalogs in our local shops didn't have these. First thing I noticed is the Quinjet, it's pretty different from the earlier released Quinjet. And now we have another motorcycle for Cap, that's now the 3rd one if I'm not mistaken. :insane:

  2. Any idea what the retail is?






    From STGG. At the current exchange rate it looks to be about $719 before shipping. Cheaper than I anticipated with an edition size of 950.





    Edit: Both bases are temporary.


    I was at the event, this looks awesome in person. I'm considering getting one myself.

  3. How about video game OA?

    I like to get some original OA Street Fighter or Zelda art.

    Anybody know of where I would look for video game original art?





    I am pretty curious too. I wonder how much box art has made it onto the market.


    Not SF or Zelda but an Avengers cover. Still a videogame OA though. Leinil told me the cover is still with his art rep Kwan Chang.