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  1. If it came down to it, I would protect GAMBIT! in a prison shower rape scene. Thanks for the smooth transaction.
  2. An all around great guy. I would have no problem doing business with him again.
  3. Good guy, and a UK fan. Couldn't ask for more.
  4. Picked this bad boy up over the weekend. 1 of 4 (Only 2 with WP) Picture doesn't do it justice, but oh well.
  5. This guys Epeen must be massive. No joke.
  6. Got these in over the weekend. I've had the ST37 for a few years now debating weather or not to sub. Glad I finally did . Sorry for the craptastic scans.
  7. Holy smokes! Where do you guys find such great books to submit? That X-men is a stunner.
  8. I got home too late tonight otherwise it would've been mine...
  9. I didn't know what my password was and the email account attached to it has been deleted, so I just made a new account. I put an AKA in my sig.
  10. I (TVanderZwaag) sent Pitboss a refund through Paypal for a smashed up book I sent him two years ago (ya I know I'm a doosh). I sent him an email and a PM but he hasn't gotten back to me yet. I hope it doesn't take him two years to respond.
  11. Sorry the pictures are so shotty, my scanner is being uncooperative. Big thanks to Hitman1099! Hellblazer #1 Hellblazer #2