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  1. And as usual I'm still looking for pages from New Mutants Annual #4 or Marvel Battlebooks: Citizen V.
  2. DUDE!!! Please stop trying to stir things up here. Sheesh, isn't there a car wreck you should be chasing? Look, Joe messed up and got behind. WAY behind. Spencer and him are doing the best they can to fix the situation. Did people get screwed by his taking so long? Absolutely but at least they are addressing the situation instead of just pretending it doesn't exist so be glad you're getting something instead of nothing which has happened to me more than one.
  3. I know that there is a thread about Joe Rubinstein and his lateness but I just posted a jam piece I get back many months ago that Joe was part of that I am VERY proud of: http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=888004&GSub=118010
  4. I have gotten two commissions from Joe and never had a lick of problem so I am confounded by posts like this. But then again I've had problems with artists that no one else has had problems with so there you go. I'm not here to defend him or anything but I've found him to be an up-front guy who always insisted on me paying the bulk after he finished. I hit up Mr Rubinstein and copied the original post and he asked me if I would post this: Can you post that I don t know exactly who he is and to write me directly to get a resolution. His direct email address is jjr6658@aol.com. I hope you get a good resolution.
  5. Just got a black and white scan and my Fantastic Four jam piece is 3/4 of the way done. So far I have: Invisible Woman-Chrissie Chrissie Zullo The Thing-Ruben Martinez Mr. Fantastic-Joe Rubenstein I have Swedish artist Mikael Bergkvist drawing The Human Torch and will have Joe Rubenstein finish it all off with adding some color to The Torch. http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=859489&GSub=118010
  6. Now THAT is a piece. I can only imagine how many aluminum cans you had to save up. Nice get.
  7. I've been wanting something from Cary Nord. What does he charge for a commission?
  8. My next two projects are to get pieces of all the Avengers and to do a series of Fantastic Four jam pieces with each character by a different artist.
  9. My two newest pieces by the one and only Juan Bobillo. Cost me a pretty penny for the two but I think they're totally worth it. http://cdn.comicartfans.com/Images/Category_33608/subcat_118010/She-Hulk%20and%20Scarlet%20Witch%20(Juan%20Bobillo).jpg http://cdn.comicartfans.com/Images/Category_33608/subcat_118010/She%20Hulk%20(Juan%20Bobillo).jpg
  10. Here's my newest piece by one of my favorite artists JK Woodward. He was so nice and put so much attention into this 9 x12 piece. This was SO much better than I hoped it would be.
  11. Here are 3 of my favorite pieces: Longshot by Rick Leonardi Iron Man vs Werewolves Zayne Carrick by Dan Parsons
  12. Thanks for the help. Here's one of my favorite pieces in my whole collection. Iron Man vs Werewolves by Andy MacDonald.