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  1. Speaking of the run I’m considering. Beautiful books
  2. Added this last Tuesday. Thinking of putting a small run together maybe 83-90? Since this is out of the way I figure the others except (85) should be reasonably inexpensive and easy to find.
  3. I’m officially in the club, price was to good to pass up (1.8) and for grade presents well.
  4. Thanks. I’m still trying to get the production numbers for 11-24, but I’m running into inconsistency issues on a consensus of the number as a whole. I’ve also thought about breaking these issues down further with price comparisons from the 70s until now, other pop numbers and possibly start the cross referencing further.
  5. Beautiful book, and congratulations. Welcome to the boards as well.
  6. In serious need of a bump I decided to break down each issue a little further; this thread needs more “Action” 200 copies (#1-24) within the thread. Below (production #), (CGC Census #), copies on the boards Action 1 (130,000) - (73) 10 copies, then 8 single pages. 1st app. of Superman, Lois Lane, Zatara. Action 2 (136,000) - (43) 8 copies 2nd app. of Superman Action 3 (159,000) - (35) 6 copies 3rd app. of Superman Action 4 (190,000) - (42) 9 copies 4th app. of Superman Action 5 (197,000) - (42) 8 copies possible 1st kiss (Superman/Lois) Action 6 (195,000) - (43) 6 copies 1st app. of Jimmy Olsen; (possible 1st mention as “Man of Steel”) Action 7 (222,000) - (49) 7 copies 2nd Superman cover. Action 8 (227,000) - (36) 7 copies Superman uses super-hearing. 1/39 Action 9 (263,000) - (33) 5 copies Action 10 (316,000) - (39) 4 copies 3rd Superman cover. Action 11 (N/A) - (44) 5 copies Movie Comics & All-American Comics #1 ads. Action 12 (N/A) - (39) 8 copies 1st Zatara cover; 1 panel ad for Detective Comics #27 Action 13 (N/A) - (46) 7 copies 4th Superman Cover. 2 page centerfold for Superman #1; 1st app. Ultra-Humanite. Action 14 (N/A) - (52) 12 copies 2nd Zatara cover. Action 15 (N/A) - (78) 13 copies 5th Superman cover Action 16 (N/A) - (52) 9 copies Full page ad for 1939 New York Worlds Fair. Action 17 (N/A) - (102) 11 copies Action 18 (N/A) - (72) 10 copies Last non-Superman cover. 1st Aces. Action 19 (N/A) - (98) 11 copies consecutive Superman covers begin. Action 20 (N/A) - (68) 12 copies dated 1/40 “S” left off chest on cover. Action 21 (N/A - (81) 7 copies Action 22 (N/A) - (64) 8 copies Action 23 (N/A) - (127) 8 copies 1st Lex Luthor; 1st mention of Daily Planet Action 24 (N/A) - (75) 9 copies if anyone has the production numbers of issues #11 - 24 I’d greatly appreciate that information or if anything significant happened in the issue that I’d also like as well.
  7. It's an Action #100 I edited my previous post; The signatures are very legible and thier on the interior splash it's a CBCS book verfied by Beckett. I just want to know who much those two signatures are worth together.
  8. The owner, who's a good friend has it and (I want an estimate) of what FMV is for both thier signatures; excluding the book on top of that; He is a store owner as well; it's the first time we've both seen it happen (both signatures)
  9. No CGC still needs to see it, I believe. CBCS who uses Beckett on the other hand can see this occur because of their verification process through Beckett. I’ve actually come across a CBCs graded Superman #100 which CBCS verified Seigel and Shuster autos. Thank why I asked. I never seen it before, anywhere
  10. How much would a dual autograph of Siegel & Schuster were on a GA, Superman how much hypothetically would it add to the value of that comic?
  11. Yes, he definitely has done some amazing comic work; he has also some of his stuff at the National Baseball Hall of Fame, 2 pieces on display one of which recounts the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers, did some Eisenhower stuff as well.
  12. Yes, taking every precaution. only 3 customers allowed in the store at the same time, must be wearing a mask, and they have plastic shielding all around the counters; hand sanitizers at the door and by the register.
  13. Added this low grade comic to my golden age collection
  14. I think he is very underrated personally, his early Action work is structured and beautiful. And been inspiration for other artists and covers
  15. Why are Action #4-6 not considered monsters? They have O’Mealia cover art, the covers are top notch and some of the early stories are note worthy (#6 Jimmy Olsen esp.) this question can include (8-9) as well. All the focus appropriately is on 1,2, 7, 10... but I feel 4,5,6,8,9 are all undervalued and appreciated by the industry.
  16. Already posted it in the early Action thread so I thought I'd share it here as well;
  17. So with the addition of @Primetime and @MrBedrock beautiful books and amazing original art we are now at a combined total of 200 Action (#1-24) I will do my best to keep this updated on a monthly basis from here forward. I myself will be adding one more to the ledger before weeks end.