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  1. Outstanding!! Congrats on a fantastic comic book thanks, I thought it was a nice .5, I've seen some rough looking .5's compared to that!
  2. spur of the moment thing, I decided to pick up this from the Lake collection just unveiled at the Portland Comic Con. I got there just going to look for others, but I saw how nice the colors were on this book and I thought this is best looking .5 book I could ever find, it looks 2-3.0 and who cares if the back cover is missing? Plus I hear these are hard to find, you have to jump on opportunities or forever regret them, so I thought I should lock this up for the grandchildren! I cant wait to crack it and read it! Looks like this book cant be hurt!
  3. I agree. I was dissappointed by all 4 grades to be honest, but I was especially shocked at the 8.0 on the Conan #1. I've seen graded 9.4's that look much worse. I struggle to find a flaw on the book in hand. I'm not going to lie, it's made me feel a bit gunshy about sending in any more books. Could be a stain or light foxing. Perhaps I'll bite the bullet and pay for the graders notes. The business model works! Like making people pay extra for guaranteed turnaround times that really aren't guaranteed. CGC guarantees their turnaround times now? Prior 9.6's are now 9.2's prior 9.8s are now 9.4s and prior 9.2s are now 9.0's. I'm never submitting anything again and getting out of this business. These new cgc graders are really blank-ers and have no idea what they are doing.
  4. all those look severely under graded, the 9.4's look 9.6-9.8. I guess 9.4 is the new 9.8, 9.2 is the new 9.6 and 9.0 is the new 9.4 They must have told the graders to adjust the curve down, or maybe the new graders aren't confident in saying something is a 9.6-9.8 or maybe the graders not talking to customers anymore means they don't have to think about the fairness of their grades from a customer standpoint anymore.
  5. any reason why can't they email grades when the book is in QC before I call them and ask? Seems the grade is done, the book is encapusaleted anything in QC would be to just get the grade right on the label, nothing will change from the grade report. I've got buyers waiting
  6. about the same time people get tired of that 'amazing spider-man' comic book bubble
  7. really happy with this beauty, already sold it!
  8. Just got in the mail today! staples pretty detached, I think that is why its a 4.0 (bottom two scratches are on case)...