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  1. I've decided to give up my other collections, and focus on comics for the time being. But, I still have collections (which I'm trying to sell off piece by piece) of Kiss memorabilia, Wrestling magazines and videos, and baseball and football cards.
  2. Maybe we should contact MTV, and see if they'd be interested in a BSD Comic Collector celebrity deathmatch episode between Ian and Metro......
  3. Thanks. Off the top of my head, I have Riggins and Theismann from '79, and probably not much else. I'm sure I have a few other no-names as well, if you need those.
  4. Any football cards in particular you're looking for? I have some from the late 70's-early 80's I'd like to unload.
  5. I don't collect any other things besides comics currently, but have collections of the following from when I did collect other things: Wrestling stuff- magazines, videos Kiss memorabilia- trading cards, LP's, tour programs etc.
  6. Kudos to JiveTurkeyMoFo for a longbox full of dark age (aka late 80's-early '90's) Marvel reading material . It looks like the post office played a soccer game with the box it came in, but the books themselves arrived miraculously unharmed. I'm looking forward to reading this stuff I've never read before (believe it or not!), and I'm sure JiveTurkey is glad to unload some of his worthless junk off on me!
  7. Kudos to Shadroch (Bill) for hooking me up with a great bunch of bronze age/early modern age reading material like MOKF, Defenders, and Power Man. It took forever for us to finally hook up due to scheduling conflicts, a blizzard, etc., but it was worth it when we did. Sorry I couldn't buy you that beer, Bill. Maybe next time! I would definitely buy more from him in the future! PS: My wife looked at me like I was a nut when I brought those boxes home, but that's her problem!
  8. Kudos to Dave Hennen, for selling me some nice reading material this past weekend....
  9. I'd like to give kudos to kryptonitecomics (Shane), who just sent me a copy of Human Fly #1. (I know, you all think I should be cursing him for sending me that book). He sent it to me for nothing, out of the goodness of his heart, because he saw my posting where I was looking to buy bronze age readers of titles I didn't have. So, Shane my friend, for you, a big..... I'm still looking for Marvel Bronze age readers, if anyone has any they want to dump off to me for cheap.....
  10. I always thought it was Avengers #4 also. That's where he defrosted. Does anyone here have Strange Tales #114? Is Cap there in a WWII flashback or something?