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  1. This guy made the top critic score higher than 0%.
  2. The RT score is higher than all of the Fox FF films combined.
  3. My FB feed is starting to cook up a storm now. I feel bad for the first top critic that leaves a fresh rating.
  4. I'll guess a weekend box office in the high 30s too. I'm watching The Gift next weekend, so I won't be contributing to it.
  5. Man every single time Michael B Jordan says something..
  6. Max in Fury Road: You know, hope is a mistake. If you can't fix what's broken, you'll go insane.
  7. I did a Q&A with Hayley Lovitt (Janet van Dyne). Seemed like a fun experience with Michael Douglas on set. http://www.nerdgazette.com/2015/07/q-with-hayley-lovitt-janet-van-dyne-in.html
  8. Picked up the trade for $4.02 on Amazon last night. I didn't buy any issues after #1, so I'm looking forward to reading the rest!
  9. Love it! That tree looks violated the more I look at it.
  10. Yes. Socially awkward & creepy. who the hell cares what the bookstore cashier thinks? Well I'm not like an awkward Rob Lowe. I'm going to try it out. I just hope it isn't the cashier girl that I flirt with.
  11. Found the magazine at B&N. Quite a bunch next to the Death of Archie magazine. I'd like to get one or two, but kind of don't want the cashier to handle them. Would it be weird bringing a magazine bag & board to the store?
  12. Afterlife with Archie and Sabrina will come out when they feel like it.. Don't go looking.. Just be happy when they show up. So this is what it feels like waiting for the next issue to come out.....
  13. I just want the psycho 1950's Captain America to show up eventually I would LOVE to see that.
  14. The Afterlife with Archie tpb collects 1-5 for a little over $10.
  15. The shadowing on some of the butts really pop out too.