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  1. This is Treasure Magazine (not sure how it's pronounced in Greek) from Oct. 1947. The same that Matt Baker used for swipes - not this particular issue as far as I know. And ironically the cover image is from Aglug. 1947 Colliers magazine (not sure if a swipe or sold in 2 different markets?) Anyway, I thought if anyone would appreciate it Bakers fans would . . .
  2. I've noticed so many of these books have Colletta, Pike and other amazing artists. Hidden gems . . .
  3. How is this not attributed to Baker? Those are his faces, especially the guy . . .
  4. I've seen a couple of early 50s Sweethearts that were pretty good, one by Baker's inker and this one. Charlton sci-fi also had few stand out covers (mostly Ditko), and a few Crime and Horror. Come to think of it, basically before the flood described above Charlton seemed to have about as good a record as any of the 2-bit comic producers of the time . . . Meanwhile I guess I should start listing those 60s Charlton Romance books soon!
  5. eBay auction isn't great for rare books - if the right people don't see it there's no bidding war and it can go for cheap. If you happen to be the one who discovers it . .
  6. Just got a stack of Romance (some pretty low grade, but hey, complete and awesome) and noticed this one also has an amazing Kinstler inside front cover.
  7. I should have kept mine! (Joking hindsight is 20/20 and I did ok). One of the most shocking covers of the era imho.
  8. Just got this in, looking for comps is not easy! ~3.5. Never realized how rare this and #5 are!
  9. Shameless plug department (and if this isn't allowed on this thread, please let me know and I will remove): Have this on a well known 'auction and buy it now' site - put it up because it got such a crazy price in last auction (from a different well known auction site) that I had to list it. Missing back cover, front cover detached, missing a chunk from last story page. Crazy times . . .
  10. That was one thought I had - it was slabbed and sent directly to Heritage for the auction so no time to show up . . . except Heritage shows it in their census bar . . .
  11. Can someone clarify something for me: was tracking the TAR 41 because I have one. Blown away by price it got, but when I went to see data some things didn't seem jive. This grade doesn't appear when I search CGC census, the slab #comes back null, so what's going on? Can't imagine a fake 1.5 slab? Huh?
  12. Final book a First Cover Appearance by Catwoman! Batman 42, CGC 2.5 WHITE pages. Bright colors and presents well (it does show rips and creases on cover, but still looks great). Asking $1,800
  13. Found this in the wild recently, on the fence about holding on to it or selling it . . . It Rhymes with Lust, 4.0 or so. Rarish Baker Grail, much bigger than I thought it would be (thought it would be a paperback novel size, it's a bit bigger at ~7.5"x5.5"). Beautiful Baker art throughout (in Black and White, so more emphasis on the art). Asking $2,000.
  14. Sticking with the Silver Age . . . Journey into Mystery 62, CGC 6.0 OW to W pages. Considered a 'try out' book because of the Hulk reference, nice pre-superhero Atlas/Marvel book. I sent this in without any pressing or TLC of any kind, really nice looking book. Asking $1,200.
  15. Let's go Bats now. Batman 181 CGC 4.0 OW to W pages. First Poison Ivy, scarcer because kids back in the day actually pulled out the centerfold of Batman and Robin and hung it up! Those are probably the perverts that in their 20's pulled out the centerfolds of a different magazine and hung them up!!! Anyway, nice looking book in decent grade. Asking $650
  16. Next a Baker, as promised: Cinderella Love 28, CGC 3.0 OW to W pages. Rare book with just 12 on the census and sparse sales data anywhere. Matt hit is out of the park on this one (ok, he usually hits it out of the park, but this is a nice cover!). The shadowing on the cover is part of the art, not fading (had to check myself when I got this). Asking $2,500.
  17. Let's start with a bang - or a BONG! Witches Tales 25 CGC 4.5 OW to W pages. I'm not sure who that poor guy was, but his face sure rings a bell!!! Ok, enough with the sick jokes. Classic cover, presents beautifully, asking $4,000
  18. Been a minute since I listed here, but not too long . . . Da Rulz - no Probies or HOSers, basically villains of all types (comic book or real) prohibited from purchasing. Payment under $999 is PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, MO or Check. $1,000 + is by check or MO. Not into trades so much unless it's a really amazing book and the trade heavily favors me Shipping for purchases in CONUS under $999 are $19 for slabs, $10 for raw. No returns on slabs. Raw returns for material defects I didn't notice or disclose, not buyers remorse or found a better copy somewhere for cheaper type reasons. First in thread trumps all offers or discussions, even if we agree on a price! If someone else in the thread before you post in thread, they got it. This is for clarity and transparency. I entertain offers, but not obligated to accept them. Love hearing reasons, especially on rarer books since info on the market is fun and interesting! Enjoy, thanks for looking!
  19. I was thinking the same thing - that issue is a good comp, as would be Giant Comics Editions 12 (15 + 1 Resto on census).
  20. Ok, this is partially a humble brag (I got a frickin' copy of this book!!!!) but also asking because it's a square bound odd-sized comic/graphic novel/paperback book and I am not sure how it would grade. Looking at some of the examples that have sold in the past I have an idea, but maybe this post will bring out those who have actually dealt with this type of book and they'll post their opinions. Interior pages are tight, white and complete. Thanks!!!