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  1. ya know, I tried PGX and CGC at the same time. I must say that PGX was spot on with the grades IMO. Their slab seems a little "tighter" and does stack better than cgc. However the hand lettered addy label on the package my books were returned in and the 1/2" long hair that had been encapsulated with my book kinda turned me off. I mean seriously, let's wear a hairnet. CGC just appears more professional. They have their spoon together more or less, and the ethical concerns are far less. I will not say I'll 'never' buy a PGX book, but it has to be returnable and/or price has to be amazingly good.
  2. I snagged X-Factor 5, 6, and and New Mutants annual #2 from the dollar bin at my LCS. Typical copies, nothing special. Probably 7.5 - 8.5, but I was still excited for a buck a piece!
  3. added this to my office/comic room this week. Found at a thrift store for $2. Think it originally stored x-ray film. It's part of a larger work-in progress Spidey wall section that borders the closet my legal sized comic filing cabinet is in. I'll probably swap the books in and out here and there. My slab storage rack has reached capacity too. It's an old Magazine rack from a library I got from the local government surplus for $6. So I've had to get creative: File Box from office depot. Plastic with a worthless lock. But it's got a fair amount of space. And found this CGC branded short box at a semi-local LCS. and on the wall to the right of the spidey wall in the above (hidden by the angle) I've started hanging my slabs. I use the 3M command hooks, the small ones with clear strips. Using 4 per book, 2 hooks on the wall, 2 hooks on the book. I can swap them out pretty easily. Strips come off the slab with minimal effort. I've gotta come up with some better storage as my slabbed collection grows.
  4. Bought from buzzetta twice now, fast shipper and great books. Visits my springfield daily too!
  5. great seller! Brought back memories of the 90's with my spidey multi pack
  6. Got my first page of OA (aside from small sketches) at Heroes Con. Dave Cockrum pencils. Any idea who was inking this? I'm looking for a copy of this issue as well. Seems the usual online stores don't have it.
  7. I'd dig having an 8/31 date stamp. Prefereably 1981, if they even stamped them that late.
  8. You must have a great wife if she actually talked you into buying those. (thumbs u I bet it took quite a bit of arm-twisting too... Very nice books to own...Congrats! Don't let her go,she's a keeper. (thumbs u Indeed she is! And yeah, she actually did talk me into both! I was just gonna go for one or the other. She said "Why choose?" Snagged tgis earlier in the week on an AK treade with an LCS owner. Cash for the rest,
  9. You must have a great wife if she actually talked you into buying those. (thumbs u I bet it took quite a bit of arm-twisting too... Very nice books to own...Congrats! Don't let her go,she's a keeper. (thumbs u Indeed she is! And yeah, she actually did talk me into both! I was just gonna go for one or the other. She said "Why choose?"
  10. My wife talked me into buying both of these on our honeymoon this past week. Darn good deal too.
  11. My second copy of 101. 3rd if you count the reprint... Here's a group shot. I got the other two a while back. Best Copy Left, New beater middle, 90s reprint right! And a (Beater) mini grail for me: This is my ASM 129. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Everything is attached, tight centerfold, decent OW Pages. I'll toss it in the PGM board just for kicks, but I doubt I'll ever sub it. Gave $60 for it, $40 for the rest of the lot. Now off to join the ASM 129 club!
  12. bought a buncha thor slabs! killer deal and fast shipping!
  13. Well loved books just have a great eye appeal to me!
  14. What's not to like? Well, how about the entire premise of the book? I gotta say, I love the book. Yeah, it can be hard to look at here and there. But it's an interesting twist on the zombie apocalypse type thing. Not for everyone, sure.
  15. Been a busy week. From ebay, First Iron Spider Costume: From my LCS ASM 76 & 100 Same store, same day, No code Spidey! 96, 97, 98 Combo of another LCS and a Boardie: Copper Keys! Compliments of yet another LCS, a couple of marvel rarities. I'd never even seen a No-Prize book in person. From The CBLDF, a nifty Frank Miller Signed Daredevil From Frank's personal file. Finally, a (in my opinion) pretty sweet sketch on a Morbius blank by a local artist. Proceeds went to our local blood bank, so it was a worthy cause. I love the back cover...
  16. I'm sitting at 27 business days on a 20 day fast track sub. It's been sitting on graded for 7 Business days. Frustrating. Modern fast track that was invoiced on the same day was back in my hands in about 13 business days.
  17. Went on a Minor Key shopping spree. ASM 238 (First Hobgoblin) ASM 101 (First Morbius) ASM 39 (First Romita Spidey) ASM 20 (First Scorpion) And... Manhattan Projects Vol. 1 Sketched and signed by nick pitarra!
  18. My Books were received and verified this past friday. 4 Modern fast Tracks, 8 value Fast tracks. So at 5 bidness days, not scheduled for grading. That's including MLK day, which they may or may not count as a business day.
  19. always great deals and fast shipping!
  20. my scanner is being a POS at the moment. I just added ASM #55 and Captain America 100
  21. twas the legit question before christmas. Thanks for the opinions.
  22. Off topic a little, but wanted to get an opinion. Looking to raise a little extra money for Christmas. I was thinking of unloading my TWD 61. Sell it Raw on ebay, have the cash before christmas or send it to CGC, shell out the extra cash to have it slabbed, then sell it on ebay (after the long wait)? it's 9.6 to 9.8. What would you guys do?
  23. Scored some nice mid-grades today. Detective 370 FF 75 ASM annual #4 Giant-Size Avengers #1 Avengers 25 All the above for $5 each. Avengers #50 in about 1.5 for a Buck!
  24. Nothing amazing, but not bad for a first sub... I was really happy with the Trek, I found it in an LCS bargain bin. Just curious why the Spidey didn't go green label? Figured it'd be about a 3.0 Qualified...