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  1. Understood and the picture was not meant to be an end of the discussion, just an addition to it. Arrival dates written on books are not the most reliable source. It proves that someone had a pencil. Regardless the arrival dates are intriguing. All of your points are very interesting and I look forward to discussing them with my colleagues here, Matt Nelson at CCS and I see from an email I got that Gemstone is involved as well. We'll reach out to them, too. It will be very exciting if all of your (as a group) research and work pays off. We'll talk next week.
  2. Greetings all, So in going over this JIM #83, we made a mistake on this one. The book IS trimmed (on the top edge of the cover), as we went over it thoroughly in February. So how did it come through just last week and go out the door as a blue label? Well, first off, it was certainly *not* any kind of under-the-table deal with anybody. As it has been often stated, the graders do not know who the submitter is and grades every book as if it is the first time they have seen it. This also has nothing to do with which graders saw the book. Quite simply, when it comes to checking for restoration, some books are *obviously* restored (or trimmed) and some are obviously not. There are a few books, though, where the restoration can be extremely subtle and require extra scrutiny. If nothing sends up a "red flag" for the particular graders on a book, it can, unfortunately (but rarely), get by us. Like others have said in this thread, and we have stated ourselves, we are not perfect. But the team of graders we have here are, bar none, the best in the business. In grading nearly 3 million books, we have admittedly made errors. But when an error is brought to our attention we fix whatever the problem is. We strive to "make it right" for the owner so that everyone comes away satisfied. Right now we are in the process of purchasing the JIM #83 from the new owner in order to remove it from the market. We obviously take great pride in the confidence that people have in CGC, we appreciate their trust, and are always trying to improve our company in every way, from restoration detection, to turnaround times, to our holder, and more. Thank you all for taking the time to read this.
  3. We have hired & trained additional staff and have added night shifts for encapsulation, QC and shipping. Our staff is now the largest in CGC history and they are working tirelessly to get us caught up. The proof is in the pudding. We are not there yet, but we are making large strides and are committed to turning things around.
  4. Nah, they put in new labels and micro chamber paper. So it has to be encapsulated again. I think they stopped using microchamber paper. We still use micro chamber paper. Every book. If some got through - let us know.
  5. Dear Artists and Creators, If there ever comes a time when one of our Facilitators or a Contract Authorized Witnesses (CAW) makes you uncomfortable or puts you in an awkward situation because of a deal you already made with someone else, please contact CGC at 1 – 877- 662 – 6642 or email plitch@cgccomics.com, mbalent@cgccomics.com or scaffrey@cgccomics.com We have rules of conduct with our Facilitators and our Contract Authorized Witnesses that they must abide by. They are as follows: (which states the relationship between CGC & a Facilitator): In providing the Services, you shall be acting solely as an independent contractor and not as CGC’s agent for any purpose. As such, CGC will not be held accountable or liable for your actions and you may not make any representations on CGC’s behalf. You agree to act in a professional manner when dealing with authors, artists, creators, celebrities, CGC CAW’s, CGC customers and other CGC Facilitators. Nothing in this Agreement or otherwise may be construed to establish any employer-employee, principal-agent, partnership or joint venture relationship between you and CGC. You may not assign your rights to any other party without our prior written consent. To reiterate, if a Facilitator or CAW causes you any trouble or headaches, please contact CGC. We will take care of it. Thank you.
  6. 9/26/12 Update: Understand that this chat board and this forum are read industry wide. The people in this forum in particular make up the largest percentage of board members who creators actually meet in person. The general consensus in the industry is that the Sig Series causes more trouble then it is worth and they wonder why they should even bother. The few people they meet in person and the actions & posts of sig fans on this chat board need to reflect well upon our community. Let's change their perception of us. Think before you post. Act professional and courteous when meeting creators in person. If you have something negative to say about the program or someone involved in it, you can always PM myself or SoylentBlue.
  7. Bumping threads in this forum will no longer be tolerated. Only post in an Announcement thread if you have an honest question for the OP about the Announced Event. OP, you may post a reminder that your deadline is approaching a few days (maybe a business week) before the due date in order to bump your Announcement Thread and solicit new material. Not a few weeks; only a few days (or a business week) before will be acceptable. It is unnecessary to continually bump Announcement threads in this sub-forum. Jockeying for position on a message board should be the least of anyone's concerns.
  8. No worries. I figured you were using my name to rhyme with something that would be filtered. I just didn't understand the intent and the context. Now I do.
  9. This is great: http://www.peterdavid.net/index.php/2011/11/28/the-fanpro-bill-of-rights/
  10. There is a level of leniency in this sub-forum when it comes to selling Signature Series books, making announcements about upcoming signings or having a Q&A thread about a signing you are providing a service for. It happens in this sub-forum. You may see the same thing twice. You may see updated info. You may experience deja vu. Everything will be okay. If you are selling a CGC Signature Series book (or a group of books), please limit it to a single thread in this Sub-forum that has nothing more then a link to the actual sale, following all sales guidelines we have set for these boards. If you have multiples of the same book that you are selling - please use one thread & update that thread as needed so you do not clutter the Signature Room. If you have an announcement about an upcoming signing you are hosting in conjunction with CGC, you may post it here. At the discretion of CGC we may move it to the SigSeries Events Announcements Sub-Forum. If you want to provide a Q&A thread for your signing you may do so, but please limit it to Q&A. Problems arise when posters feel they are being spammed with updates in a Q&A thread. If you would like to update your Q&A thread about final opportunities, please edit your original post to update the information. You may post in the thread to check the update on your original post. If you do not like someone or what they post please put them on ignore. This goes for the original person posting as well as the person reading the posts. If you are an active CAW of CGC or an active Facilitator of CGC Signature Series Signings you need to remember the Code of Conduct you agreed to. Here is a reminder: CGC Signature Series Facilitators (or CAW's) shall conduct themselves in a kind, courteous and professional manner when dealing with creators, CGC customers, members of the Collector Society Chat Boards, CGC employees, CGC CAW’s and other CGC Signature Series Facilitators. If CGC feels there is a failiure to live up to the Code of Conduct that was agreed upon by your contract, here is another reminder: Repeated disregard for the stated rules will lead to re-evaluation, suspension or termination of CGC Signature Series Facilitator (or CAW) status, as well as CGC Member Dealer and/or Collector’s Society privileges. Any conduct detrimental to the integrity or confidence in the CGC Signature Series Program will result in severing all ties with the CGC Signature Series Facilitator (or CAW). When dealing with other board members - "Treat others as you would want to be treated" is a good start. Perhaps we should strive for "treat others better then you expect to be treated" and we’ll see where that gets us.
  11. In Atlanta he told us he had just learned cursive so he could sign his autograph at the show. He said he was up all night practicing. And he asked us if $10 was ok or if it was too much. Cute kid and his parents seemed very down to earth.
  12. Krikman quote via Robot6: "I’ve been out to Hollywood; I’ve been in the writers’ room for a week, working with them on the plots for the first season. I’ve been fairly hands on, but I'm trying to back off as much as I can, because my main focus is the comic-book series. As a comic-book reader, I hate it when a comic gets adapted and the writer just takes a vacation. I don’t want to take a vacation. So I’m trying not to spend too much time working on the show, but I’m fairly hands on. Now having said that, if people end up not liking the show, I had nothing to do with it."
  13. http://www.spinoffonline.com/2010/05/04/amc-adds-two-more-survivors-to-the-walking-dead/
  14. One kid is gonna bite another kid while playing and Carl is gonna...deal with them both.