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  1. We shall see. But I believe they will sell a lot more than 110K for both issues 2 and 3 and wait for the TPB to read part 1. The controversy of Damned 1 is already creating FOMO pulling in more readers and speculators.
  2. Great seller and easy to deal with! Highly recommended!!!
  3. Actually I heard from a reliable source that the investment they don't want to disclose is really $600 mil.
  4. This is just mean. Borderline bullying. Has someone asked to see if he has anymore copies to sell?
  5. Great advice VEI. I've also owned several businesses including food distributor, restaurants, etc... I've just started a comic store here in Littleton, co and having more fun than any other businesses I have ever owned. It doesn't make the money that I would like to make right now, but the stress level is very low. That is a BIG plus. If you decide to start a business, you DO need to dive in fully. I've seen too many people trying to start a business part time and either failed or lose interests.
  6. Shouldn't ASM 529 be heating up with iron spider suit in civil war?
  7. Just got to issue 8. Loved the last page. If you squint your eyes you can see the terrified face on the eyes of the giant wasp.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if you get an email saying out of stock. But when you check the site again it will be available at a much higher prices. Yes, this is mile high's business practice. I've had many experiences similar with them and vowed never to buy from them again.
  9. which is why I can't figure out why the FCBD issue isn't selling for me....I mean it IS the first appearance right? Sure, but the current supply far surpasses the demands. The book getting the attention right now is the black variant #1. Which I believe is the scarcest. But, it's also only on issue 2.
  10. V Wars is awesome! It's not just a typical vampire storyline. The writer has alluded to many different directions this will explore. He is also absolutely sure this will be a TV show. His other novel which will be adapted into comic book format is already in talks of becoming a movie. Google Jonathan Maberry - great guy, great writer.
  11. Received in good order. Very easy to communicate with. Hope to buy again
  12. Reminds me of Moebius. Nice
  13. If Ryan graded the book, then yes, the comment would be directed at him. In this case, it's a comment to spur a discussion about what I see. Agree or Disagree - make your case and move on. Noticed I comment on the grade of the book by the scan and not about Ryan's choice of book. If it is indeed the scan that is making it look worse than it is I accept the explanation. God knows I have some of the fugliest books in my collection, and like Ryan, I am proud of it. BTW Ryan, I was seriously considering buying your crow # 2, since I have a 1 and 3.
  14. Really I wasn't taking a dump on anyone's book. I call it as I see it. Can anyone looking at the scanned book would honestly call it a 9.2 with 6 obvious color breaking spine ticks? It's a comment aimed at CGC
  15. It may be me. But that is one of the worse 9.2 I've ever seen
  16. Has anyone get a chance to watch Showtime's Penny Dreadful? With only one episode going so far, but worthy of watching.
  17. But does the retailers have the guts to hold their ground and start ordering less each month to prove a point with Marvel? The only answer to that is if and when sales start to deteriorate for retailers forcing them to order less as their unsold inventory increase.
  18. It doesn't matter what the print run for ottley variant is. It will always be in higher demand because of the sacagawea cover. And if it is lower, then the market will push it up even higher. Just got confirmed from cgc - 9.8s for 7/7 ottley covers. I guess 7 is the lucky number
  19. Oops! Just realized it should have been posted in copper section
  20. Epic illustrated #3 is scorching. The last sale was 167.50
  21. Someone should start a third party company to watch over third party companies.