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  1. Yeah, nothing like a heavily scraped book going for the uni label. 🤢
  2. Could be an error. Or maybe the place where you bought it did a quick touch up. Who knows. A jewelers loupe would be helpful even while in the case.
  3. I’ll take 7 points for category “you are a crappy grader” please.
  4. Vintage slow boat 4 books 9/21 Delivered 9/28 Received 9/28 SFG 10/19 GEI
  5. Just a tad too much missing for me to be a 2. 1.8
  6. Used the text service today. Fairly minor error on my sub. Easy and efficient - 2 thumbs up.
  7. Yeah that is CGC OCD disorder…. I have a Vintage that is sitting in the dock waiting to be received. I’m wondering if I should bump it to FT because I’m so impatient, but it looks to be moving pretty fast. I’ve never submitted Vintage (or the the prior Economy) always Modern or Standard and above.
  8. I don’t care how we fly, but I did not see any staining on the HOS.