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  1. Eddie sent me a beautiful Albedo 2 and was a pleasure to work with. He sent it next day, and had great communication throughout! Thanks for bringing Usagi back home!
  2. I know, I wish. I did hear him clarify that. He did say that he would possibly bring some old school stuff of his to an upcoming show though. I just can’t believe he’s coming to Granite in the Fall. I’m sure he’ll have some goodies there. I can’t wait to meet him.
  3. I attended the online event too. I knew I saw you on there. It was a cool event for sure, and that was my first time on ebay live. I lost out on a cool statue. They offered some great stuff, and Stan was sketching away. I heard them talking about the old school sketches, but I didn’t see them post them. Great stuff. I would definitely log on if he does it again.
  4. This stinks- the one year I was finally going to make the trip. Well, I still have faith!!!! There’s a 1% chance we’ll all get in!
  5. I’ll send you Raph or Leo. Everyone else is spoken for!
  6. I received my mystery Turtle box on the 11th from @Comics4All and was turtlestonished! 20 treats in all, full of 80’s goodness. What’s even better is that they were all individually wrapped- Wowza. My son and I opened them together. There were great trades, transformers, joes, and of course turtles. My favorites were new but old Wingnut and Screwloose and Mondo! I was so pumped. Just looking at those cards brings me back and puts a HUGE smile on my face. My son loved the little racers! I did take nearly 2 days to transform Sludge into a brontosaurus. It says ages 8+, but I think that’s a load of horse poo. Anyone who says they can easily transform these is lying! Thank you so much for the generous gifts and thoughtfulness you put into making it very personal and Turtleriffic! Oh, and I LOVE the socks!!!
  7. They sure did! They went for a steal. I’m mad I didn’t win them back! I was watching the non-counterfeit #1 and when I scrolled back- BAM. $7500 is quite the mark up! I did sell these on ebay on 11/22 for less. I had put them up for a wild price because I didn’t want to sell but needed the dough. I think the market now spoke on the value. I’m surprised! The guy who bought them off of me must have immediately consigned them with mycomicshop. I think having them in the auction with the originals hurt them.
  8. I’ll send him a pick me up! He’ll be ok! He knows it’s all love!!!!
  9. That @Azkaban was top on my list as well, but I must take @Comics4All #55 Turtley Goodness!!!!
  10. I love @Turtle, but I just might! The struggle is real!!!!!
  11. It’s in your email as well if you have access to it! Good luck!
  12. Whenever I stop by the sketch forum, you’re always a positive light there, showing your goodies and showing love to all! I knew I had to come with something nice for you. You deserve it. I don’t know if you have other Eastman sketches, but every sketch collector needs one in their collection! Hamato Yoshi! Have a blessed Christmas bro!