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  1. Just FYI, my son has a basketball game tonight that I have to travel to so tomorrow I will start closing this out and sending out invoices. If anyone is interested in any of these please let me know. I am willing to make deals. Thank you so much to everyone who looked at my comics and a special thank you to everyone who bought something. I am determined to get out of debt once and for all and I really hated to see some of these comics go but I started here instead of Feebay because I knew they would find a good home. I will be back soon with a new batch of comics so stay tuned! Thanks again! Trey
  2. Still 15% on page one and 10% off everything up to this point. The first two spiderman's on page one are not included in the discount but I did lower the price on them again.
  3. THE Amazing Spiderman 60 VF-/VF $50 THE Amazing Spiderman 62 NM-/NM $175 SOLD This is the best copy I ever found. This was my favorite of all the Spiderman's I had. If you saw all the Inhumans comics I have you would know why. The cover is not quite as white as the scanner made it but it's close. THE Amazing Spiderman 74 VF/VF+ $75
  4. THE Amazing Spiderman 53 F+ $30 THE Amazing Spiderman 55 VF- $70 THE Amazing Spiderman 56 VF+/NM- $125
  5. THE Amazing Spiderman F-/F $450 Ok, this has a front cover crease from top to bottom starting at the second "A" in amazing and going to the corner of the building by Scorpions foot. You can see it better at the bottom. ALSO someone set a nice cool drink on the back cover at the bottom so there is a circle of water damage. THE Amazing Spiderman 42 VG+ $50 THE Amazing Spiderman 51 F+ $55 Nice book but there is a crease down the middle. It's not a subscription crease but it's in the same place.
  6. Nick Fury 5 NM-/NM $75 SOLD (I got 3 of these from the same collection, the last one I sent in to CGC came back a 9.2) Showcase 61 F+ $20 Teen Titans 3 VG+/F- $10 Werewolf by Night 1 F+ $55 XMEN 4 FR $75 SOLD (It's all there but only the top stable is barely hanging on and the centerfold is loose. It's a rag) Superman 200 F-/F+ $13
  7. I have a 15% off post on page 1 so everything above that post is 15% off except the two Spidermans. Everything after that post up to this point is 10% off. Everything below this line is regular price. That should be clear as mud. I have more Spidermans that are being scanned (numbers starting in the 50's I think) I'm hoping to get up tomorrow. Also if you're wanting several books I'm sure we can make a deal. Thanks to everyone who has bought something so far! Trey GI Combat 107 VG $10 GI Combat 112 G+ $5 (Centerfold Loose) GI Combat 158 F- $4 Incredible Hulk King Size Annual 5 F+ $20 Sea Devils 1 F/F+ $125 (This book is beautiful and it was by far the nicest one I ever found. But it has a water stain at the bottom that goes all the way through the book. Check back cover, bottom right side. Approx. 2.5" x 5/8") Showcase 27 G/G+ $70 (This one doesn't show it in the scan but it looks like someone ran a ballpoint pen without ink over the cover many times. Also quarter sized water stain on the left edge by the air tanks.) Secret Six #2 VF $20 (Calling this a VF because I don't know what the "R" stamp is. Otherwise I'd call it a VF+/NM-)
  8. Adventure comics 434 F+ $5 Aquaman 32 VF-/VF $20 SOLD Our Army at War 98 G/G+ $20 (Water damage bottom left) Sgt. Fury 24 VG/VG+ $7 Flash 185 VG $5 Tomb of Dracula 2 VF- $30 Tomb of Dracula 3 $45 I'm going to call this a VF/VF+. It's a beautiful book but Wayne Berryhill stamped his name twice on the bottom of the first page in the margin.
  9. Yes, 47 is still available at 10% off. 48 is sold. I missed posting the sold on the 48. I'll fix it now.
  10. Mister Miracle 15 NM-/NM $15 Mister Miracle 17 VF+/NM- $15 Mister Miracle 3 VF+/NM- $20 Plastic Man 1 F+/VF- $40 Tower of Shadows 1 NM- $50 (I had 3 of these all from the same collection. I sent one in to CGC and it came back a 9.0)
  11. Tales of Suspense 76 F+ $25 Tales of Suspense 78 VF- $ 30 (This book has two pages that are cut wrong by the press. One is in the centerfold and the other is the last page. Neither affects the story.) Tales of Suspense 82 F+ $25 (This book fell on the bottom left corner at some point in its life. Corner crunch could probably be pressed out.) Tales of Suspense 84 VF-/VF $40 (Ok, this has an ad in it to order a live monkey. I had forgotten all about that but did anyone ever order one?)
  12. 15% OFF SALE! Everything up to this point except the two Spiderman's with the festive green pricing. I did lower the prices on those two though.
  13. OK, I feel like an insufficiently_thoughtful_person, does anyone know why my post doesn't break up into pages and everything is on one long page?