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  1. Royal collectibles in queens is a great shop. If you go out to long island go to kyles comics.
  2. This basically calls.into question any slab you want to buy off a wall at a convention or on ebay or anything you own that you didn't slab yourself and even then people are no longer going to trust you without photos. This is awful. Might as well go back to when every comic there was is raw again and start over with new slabs that can't be done like this. I will say graders note matching the book in the slab is really important.
  3. Only part of number 3 is not true. I'm done grading books. Sorry but now I want to see everything inside a raw book. How can someone just open old cases and put other books in them and say oh now it's a mark jewelers and cgc doesn't even check that?!?!
  4. Wow never heard of him. He's awesome. Great piece.
  5. Got the loki and enchantress at NYCC to complete my 3 favorite keys from the run.
  6. EDIT SOLD for sale is my avengers 1 cgc 1.5 All characters are well pictured. Staples have rust and writing on cover. $1600 shipped. (Under GPA and well under anyone's price on ebay) Ebay feedback 100% 500+ transactions: tabdemuria_0
  7. Just got this back. Cgc did great. Very fast on standard tier. I dont own a lot of batman but I had to have something from his 1st fight with the Joker. Pictured with my entire dc collection
  8. Seeing this now. Yes I didnt buy the journey into mystery 83 3.0 which was only 5k.
  9. https://www.waymakercomics.com/ When I tries to hit pay with paypal their link doesnt work. Maybe it's a no go.
  10. I found this company in Belgium and was considering making a grail purchase. Anyone ever heard of or buy from them? Trustworthy?
  11. Ok nevermind. Cgc said it's the way it's going with the New York comic con boxes still being opened. They definitely got a huge amount of submissions there.
  12. None of the stuff I sent at NYCC has been able to be tracked under status yet except for my trading cards. 1 standard and 1 express. Is that nornal?
  13. Ok finally won the case. Ebay was so slow but did the right thing and suspended the guy indefinitely. Thanks for the help and advice. Insure your grails, ship signature, do a video and watch who you sell to. 100% positive feedback can still be a scammer.
  14. Me on the phone with ebay. The latest is "wait 10 days for the buyer to respond on the condition of the item" . Oh hell no. Give me your MANAGER!!! Update: supervisor initiated an investigation into the buyers behavior. If they throw him off ebay all cases will be closed against him in a few days tops..and everyone he tried to scam will get their $$. Will update when I hear back.
  15. Can you tell me your ebay ID? I call ebay every day with any new info I find. Hopefully they connect the dots and cancel all his scams and ban him. Mine is miller_collection99 if you call and mention what hes doing to me also. They "step in" on my case in the 16th.
  16. I live on long island. He lives in New York city. Not far at all. I did file the fraud complaint. I hope this guy learns his lesson.
  17. Thanks yeah I figured it was inevitable. I find out on the 15th and so does one of the other people hes trying to scam. After that it's either 1. Continue selling on ebay and video at post office entire box and ship process and send it to buyer for grails from now on to deter this nonsense further or 2. Never use ebay again and take this guy to small claims.
  18. 99/100 positive selling experiences the last 3 months. One partial refund but that was my fault. I just got bad luck with this turd buying this book.
  19. I try other platforms and stuff just sits. Ebay 1.00 auctions is a guaranteed sell sometimes more $$ with so many views and never had a major problem in 5 years but I get what you mean.
  20. I did have signature confirmation as required for valuable packages. Tracking also shows delivered and he signed for it, showing he didnt have a problem with the box. He also waited 7 days to open the case after delivery.