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  1. bump adjusted, only Doctor Strange 169 available now.
  2. Back and interior are pretty mint. Spare a grade friends?
  3. Added a few more throw in books as incentive! Silver Surfer is NM- Spiderman NM and Avengers VG-.
  4. Doctor Strange 169 CGC 6.0 white pages $500 (usd) shipped within Canada & U.S. First trumps PMs. Payment via Paypal G&S.
  5. I thought FOX got it right with X-Men FIrst Class with it being set in the 60's. I'd like to see a FF movie along the same lines and being set in that time period. Also an more in depth origin story For Dr. Doom going back to Latveria like the did with Magneto and his Nazi back-up story. Now thats a movie I could get on-board with!
  6. For just what I love my list would be: 1)Detective 27 2)Detective 31 3)Batman 1 4)Detective 38 5)Marvel 1 6)Action 1 7)All-American 61 8)More Fun 52 9)Detective 1 10)Captain America Comics 1
  7. So I just found out Nintendo released (in November, I know I'm late to the party) a sequel to the SNES classic A Link to the Past for the 3DS. A link to the past was one of my all-time favorites so needless to say I had to go out and purchase a 3DS just for this game alone. I have been hard pressed to put the game down! Amazing how well they captured the magic of the original!
  8. Andrew bought a nice slab off me, smooth transaction with great communication. Hopefully we can make more deals in the future!!
  9. So finally got around to starting my Batman Rogues gallery and these two beauties are that beginning, one of 'em courtesy of a boardie (thanks solm4st3r)
  10. Bought a nice TEC 400 and arrived in less than a week to Canada! Great communication and hopefully do business again.