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  1. This is probably all re-hash by now but in no order... 1. Jack Kirby 2. Steve Ditko 3. Gil Kane 4. Neal Adams 5. Barry Windsor-Smith 6. Joe Kubert 7. Bernie Wrightson 8. Swan/Anderson 9. John Byrne 10. Carmine Infantino (Silver) 11. Travis Charest 12. Wally Wood 13. Jim Steranko 14. Al Williamson 15. Jim Starlin 16. George Perez 17. John Romita 18. John Romita Jr. 19. John Buscema 20. Jack Davis 21. Sergio Aragones 22. Art Adams 23. Walt Simonson 24. Jim Lee 25. Brian Bolland 26. Mike Grell 27. Alex Ross 28. Jim Aparo 29. Mike Ploog 30. Johnny Craig 31. Bryan Hitch 32. Michael Kaluta 33. Johnny Craig 34. Graham Ingles 35. Frank Brunner
  2. "(TFTC #38), which has an even better cover. A Jack Davis! Maniac w/ axe is chopping into a coffin. Pure Evil! The interior story, unfortunately, does not match the sheer horror of the cover!" Yeah, and the uncensored cover for that issue is even better! (If I could only find a frickin' picture of it). Anyone?
  3. Meth - since the auction was canceled/ended, I was wondering what you had for proof from that auction for your case? Did you do a screen capture of the auction? Or copy and paste the info? Oh, wait, you told me you don't know how to do either. If you were really serious about going to court, you should have let the auction end regularly, and then it would be in Ebay's database for 90 days.
  4. Here WAS the link. eBay item 726415881 (Ends Oct-27-02 14:15:03 PST ) - Daredevil 43 CGC NM 9.4 OW pgs VS Cap America You just had to extract the auction number from Meth's link and run an item search. I got a look at it before it was canceled. Wasn't what I would call in the same vein as Darth's auctions poking fun at Comicinvestor.