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  1. I've normally been a "modern" collector, getting the new up and coming artists before they hit the "big time" and can't afford their stuff. But occasionally I get lucky and score some stuff from my copper comic readin' days that I can't pass up.


    One is a vintage Dazzler page that features a dog battling Spider-Woman. The other is probably the only decent Jim Lee Uncanny X-Men page I could ever afford (Unless you like spending 3 C's on a full page of the Superman Logo or just a small portion of Batman's cape :-p )



  2. Hi guys! Here is the end result of my botched art transaction. I wont go into the full story again, but knowing the full details, it really could've happened to anyone. Basicly I ordered 7 pages of art while 3 of pages were also sold to Mike Hosey (Truth be told, if it was anyone other than Mike, I probably never would have been able to make this transaction).

    With the sting of my order gone south, I cancelled the rest of my order (refund was agreed by the rep) since I truly wanted the splash page as the centerpiece of the group of pages. My heart wasn't in it as it was initially.

    The basic deal Mike and I came to was that he would sell me the page if I picked up the tab on the other 2 pages from the deal he received. I was very happy with this, so here it is


    (Worth every penny of me "whining like a beeyotch")

    Thanks for everyone's support