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  1. So When and I see This at Cons.. Don Rosa Draws a Duck on a Book or Signs a Book he writes on it DO NOT CGC.. Is that now to be ignored? He is the "Established" artist? It is His Work? Certified Guaranty Corrupt!! 2020 Toilet Paper Shortage, 2021 Baby Formula, 2022 Acetate
  2. Reaction from non Modern Variant Spec Scratch off Ticket players
  3. Heading there tomorrow for Ringo Awards and to stop by and see everyone. Is CGC doing onsite?
  4. I'm selling this as a lot but here are 3 John Buscema Pages (inked by Koblish). From Doom 2099 issue 40. Featuring 3 Marvel Characters with Post Graduate degrees. All three look great with a Bonus on the back of Daredevil Page...sketches of horses and dogs. More pics available. $2000 PayPal includes shipping.
  5. SOLD PER.PM Weird Tales - June 1927 (Popular Fiction) Condition: F+ $300 Cover by CC Senf. Great bright colors. Steal
  6. Weird Tales - May 1941 (Popular Fiction) Condition: FN. $350 "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" by H. P. Lovecraft. Cover and illustrations by Hannes Bok
  7. Weird Tales - July 1934 (Popular Fiction) Condition: F+/VF-. $600 SHARP presents amazing. Includes "Through the Gates of the Silver Key" by H. P. Lovecraft and E. Hoffman Price. Cover by Margaret Brundage
  8. Weird Tales, March 1948 F+ 25th Anniversary issue. $200 Novelettes by Edmond Hamilton and Allison V. Harding.. Short stories by H. Russell Wakefield, Manly Wade Wellman, Carl Jacobi, August Derleth, Ray Bradbury, Robert Bloch, Clark Aston Smith, Theodore Sturgeon, Seabury Quinn, and Algernon Blackwood. Verse by H.P. Lovecraft. Cover art by Lee Brown Coye
  9. Weird Tales (October 1939, vol. 34, no. 4) VG+ $200 Featuring In the Walls of Eryx by Kenneth Sterling and H. P. Lovecraft. Cover art by Harold S. Delay. SKULLS AND SKELLYS
  10. Weird Tales - January 1932 (Popular Fiction) Condition: FN+.$500 Contains a Clark Ashton Smith story. Cover by CC Senf. Really nice sharp
  11. ASTOUNDING LOVECRAFT LOT. $3500 for all 3 Includes Astounding Stories - February 1936 (Street & Smith) Condition: FN-, March 1936 FN, April 1936 Features ALL THREE PARTS OF "At the Mountains of Madness" by H. P. Lovecraft
  12. Weird Tales - April 1936 (Popular Fiction) Condition: VF. VERY SHARP COPY ..$750. Includes part five of the Conan story "Hour of the Dragon" by Robert E. Howard, plus stories by Jack Williamson, Robert Bloch, E. Hoffman Price, and August Derleth. Margaret Brundage cover. Virgil Finlay and Hugh Rankin art.