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  1. by the way one thing to mention in case you don't know editing your shipping address on your profile tells you this Edit Shipping Info Please note that changes here will not update any submissions that are already in progress online, in transit to CSG or already received by CSG. which is why they tell you to e-mail them with the new address
  2. i am glad you are glad. but when they are saying something is in the slabbing room and you online account only show scheduled for grading something is wrong. i need to change my shipping address due to the fact who really knows what the status is and i am scheduled to go out of town on an unscheduled business trip. no one will be around to accept the package and can't have it sitting on the steps in the middle of a city. it is now 7 days into requesting a change of shipping address through e-mail and no answer back from them. so, you have to do it this way according to customer service yet they don't answer or read e-mails. geez, i don't know, Topps had no problem changing my shipping address for an order not yet shipped with 1 simple call to customer service. maybe if their information on exact status of my 2 orders where actually known i would not have to do a change of address in a just in case i will be gone from home scenario. and yes i do understand the fraudulent concern. but how many people are actually calling from my house on the phone # supplied to them on my orders to change address. they can see the # you are calling from you know.
  3. it seems to be the default answer to everything here. contact customer service or e-mail which you may or may not get replied to in a weeks time. usually customer services answer is i don't know why it does not show that on your submission, (online account) when we show this. example: your order is in the slabbing process but your online account shows scheduled for grading or your cards have been in the grading process for 9 days now yet it only shows as received. it should not be difficult to update things on an order, no less what they see and what you see is so far different. unless its just a bunch of tell them what they want to hear thing.
  4. i think you are right. they are just telling you things to get you off the phone. they told me my cards were being slabbed and everything still says scheduled for grading. you can't trust this outfit. i will not renew membership when it comes time. also, you can't change shipping address through customer service so you need to send an e-mail asking and that takes a week it seems for them to get back to you if at all. a total mess.