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  1. It's graded by a third party and if you don't like it just return the comic. Grading is subjective and even if you don't agree with what it is, that's what it ended up being. If you truly feel this strongly about it get it graded again.
  2. Did you just give me a bible verse? You're supposed to have faith but not blind faith, thinking everything is of God. If everything were God wouldn't call us to be vigilant, test things to see if they are of him, and keep learning and remain humble.
  3. Thanks, I will check it out. I've sent out some of my best books to my friends and nothing when wrong or was stolen so I'm thankful for that.
  4. Read my above reply. I'm off to the bank so I will be back later
  5. Who said anything about constantly wanting to prove this to others? Once I get the proof and show them that's all it will be. You have to realize that I've been wondering the same things myself about Sam and I want to see. God always tests us. We're supposed to be testing to see if everything if of him or not. This is one of the biggest things that's happened to my life and I want to see if's it's me reading God correctly or not. I'm sure you know how important that is.
  6. You're mistaken. I do owe it to the boardies as well but I'm not simply doing it just for them. This is for my wife so that people know she's not lying about this, that I'm not lying about this, I want to see if I'm reading God correctly, and to prove this is of God as I have no way that I would make this up or imagine Sam because I want it to be true.
  7. Really? It was showing 26 KM for me. Yes I'm very excited to see Sam and her sister. I'll be getting proof pics and videos of her powers. Also a pic of her unique eyes.
  8. I don't see myself going to a show or con anytime soon
  9. According to what I've read. New York isn't too much farther than Buffalo.
  10. There will be no stop overs. Why would I want to stop at time square? I have much further to go that that. If I really wanted to see time square I could just walk across the border when I have my passport.
  11. I will still be selling comic books here and there. If I see a good deal I'll pick it up.
  12. I will be taking the train. It's 2-3 times cheaper than flying just that it will take 2-3 days for me to get there. I don't mind.
  13. I always tell Sam what I'm doing. I don't have many things left to get from Sam as proof and I worked out the address part with her and agreed to meet up at the police station and she had no issues at all with it. I'm excited to see her when I do
  14. That's not what I meant. I'm saying that I was agreeing with you saying that faking certain things are easy. There are quite a few websites that even give fake identities. Glad you found out all the things he did.
  15. Yes there are even sites for fun that you can use your fakes names on or get a fake identity from. I think for mugshots all you need to do is look up whatever jail records they have in their town or state.