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  1. Not sure how it got to be an 8.5. Still looks like the same 8.0 to me IMO.
  2. 1. WolverineX 2. thehumantorch 3. Wipple 4. frozentundraguy 5. grendelbo 6. Albert_Thurgood 7. Get Marwood & I 8. AJD 9. scburdet 10. Cocomonkey 11. Lninefingers 12. comicginger1789 13. Mars76 14. misterrmystery
  3. I'm shocked to hear this. Dealt with Ed personally in 2007 when he came to my house to review my collection and take it to Heritage for auction. Dealt with Ed a number of times since then on the phone. A real nice guy and straight shooter. My condolences to his family and close friends. A tremendous loss.
  4. Wow! Such a tough book in grade with black cover. Beautiful copy.
  5. I graded the Glamorous Romances a 3.5 due to the large staple tears. I can't see anywhere near a 5.0 for that book but maybe it's just me.
  6. Hit 3 on the button. The Lois Lane at 7.0 seems vastly over graded based on the given defects. Wolf Gal #1 - 4.0 Aggie Mack #8 - 5.5 Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane #5 - 5.0 My Secret Life #19 - 5.5 Junie Prom #6 - 6.0
  7. This is a PR nightmare for CGC. Reputation is everything in their business. They better reassure their customers fast that safeguards have been put in place, otherwise the bleeding will intensify. Personally, I'm sitting tight before submitting any more books to CGC.
  8. I've dealt with Jimbo on the boards but never met him personally. Prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.
  9. Beautiful copy Jeff. Excellent color saturation. Many copies you see have faded reds.
  10. Great thread! Prices seem like bargains as I bought a lot of these keys in 2021 at inflated prices.
  11. I actually saw Jon's copy of Fight Comics #1 when he brought it with a stack of books to the Sunday Hartford show in the mid '90s. Was a raw copy then.
  12. So sorry to hear the news of Jon's passing. I first dealt with Jon when I sold him some Fox comics through Comic Buyers Guide in the 1990's. I believe two books were a Science #2 Larson copy and a Mystery Men #14 Allentown copy. We had many discussions over the phone about comics and did some trading which was always fair for both of us. I finally met Jon in the mid 1990's at a Hartford, Connecticut show. Jon brought some of his books which he showed with a crowd surrounding him. He enjoyed talking comics and his knowledge was second to none. He had a few Amazing Man which he said was an acquired taste. Jon never had to have the best existing grade. He was happy to acquire a copy. We were both Centaur and Fox collectors so had some interesting conversations. He will be missed. RIP Jon