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  1. While not venturing a guess as to what the grade might be today I would say that after close inspection of the slab I do not see alot of damage to the book itself. I do see age wear & a ton of it.  IMO it does not appear to have been pressed aside from being squeezed by the holder itself.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but there's no quantifiable damage to the outside of the book . No CBC's, no soft corners, no ticks along the spine, no dents or creases. Its a beautiful book & even has a square wrap. It could have qualified for a 9.4 or a 9.6 once upon a time however the one thing we all see is discoloration galore.

  2. On 8/20/2020 at 7:27 PM, dmac007 said:

    I have a question about colour of the pages. They are brownish. How does the colour of the pages effect the grade value 9.5 or 9.8 etc. I have seen a 9.6 with white spots on the cover by the staples but with white pages. I can deduce that my copy has no marks on the spine or cover, but does have brownish pages. Any thoughts?

    Unless something has drastically changed recently CGC does not factor page color into the grade they assign. The page quality may have an effect on the grade but since these are newer books that should not ding it much.

    Page color will be denoted on the CGC label & the market will determine what a potential buyer will give you $ wise. It factors into "eye appeal".

    Not being rude but for grades above 9.0 theres no 9.5 . It goes in .2 increments. (9.0/9.2/9.4/9.6/9.8/9.9/10.0) below that it in .5 increments(8.5/8.0 etc.)

  3. 2 hours ago, c_mkv said:

    I know....in hindsight that was really, really dumb. Lesson learned. 

    Another thing you could do in the future in your sales threads is state a clear window for returns to be accepted. Right up front state :2 weeks, 1 month, 3 days, etc.

    Regardless the boards have a generally accepted time frame for a buyer to initiate a refund. Pretty sure it is way less than a year.  Something like 1/12 of that in fact.

    Not just unfair that the buyer would request a refund after a year but rather completely ludicrous.

  4. 45 minutes ago, L-O-L-A said:

    doh! the entire cover is ruined by the color breaking tracing. He already said it bleeds through too. 

    What's your Ebay name? I never want to buy raw books from you :makepoint:

    My eBay is https://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2334524.m570.l1313&_nkw=collectible+comics+cgc+amazingspiderman+%2350&_sacat=0&LH_TitleDesc=0&_osacat=0&_odkw=collectible+comics+cgc

    If  there's anything else I can help you do to make the world a better place send me a message at https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/forum/92-moderation-review-request/


  5. 40 minutes ago, L-O-L-A said:

    Anyone who would spend $1000 on this book is :screwy: You can get a much nicer book than this one for the same money.

    I wouldn't give that book more than a 2.0 2c

    Well that does not change the fact that that is the price it sells for.:makepoint::makepoint:

    Not seeing what would drop the book to a 2.0. Are there chunks missing from the cover? Are there tics all up and down the spine? Are there any tears? It even looks like a fairly square wrap. :flamed:

  6. 13 hours ago, Kevin Upham said:

    Thank you for your reply. Your opinion on sending in this book and grade range level?

    My opinion would be this comic sells for $500-1000 in midgrade. Although there's alot of glare looks to me that it would grade at least that. Keep in mind when you say 'not

    looking to sell it at this time', itcan take months for a comic to go through the cleaning & grading process. You should at least post it in the PGM section so you'll have that to

    reference in the future.

  7. 1 hour ago, Keys_Collector said:

    Not necessarily since it bleeds through the cover and could leave behind markings.  It really depends on how bad it is.

    As far as what label it would get, it really depends.  I've seen books like this get color touch notations while others get blue labeled.  (shrug)

    I would completely agree that one will not get the bleeding on the inside of the book out without a chemical cleaning. That however would be more than I would do to the

    book & lies quite far outside the realm of restoration since its the side effect of the indentation cause by the scribbling. I have never once seen scribing or writing on a

    books cover to be restoration. So with just that 1  touch up itshould avoid the "writing on front cover " notation and stay blue.The bleeding would ding the grade but  I'd

    say it's 25/75 that it would be blue label regardless.  


    So to answer the OP it would probably be blue either way but definitely blue with it erased. The veterans here usually use this sticky to answer this question so I would

    defer to that :



  8. 31 minutes ago, seanfingh said:

    Those books all have value. The condition looks quite good. Whether it is extreme value or not depends upon the printing of the Turtles #1 and #2.  There is a way to tell the printing of the #1 based upon the length of the sword and the amount of blood, but I never was that into Turtles. You can also check the indicia and the back cover ads to determine what printing they are.  There are a number of threads in the Copper section discussing all of the important information. The regular edition Turtlemania and the Nintendo sneak preview also do well graded in high grade.

    I would second this and suggest putting the detailed photos/scans in the PGM section. Kill 2 birds with one stone so to speak. After of course reading forum guidelines.:preach:

  9. Ok I'll bite. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles # 1 &2 could be worth a ton of money depending on what printing and the condition. If they're 3rd print $60 would be about

    right however. No idea about theothers.  If you want more information you are going to have to put up some scans &/or detailed pictures of the front & back inside covers of

    these books. There are plenty of people here that know far more than I & could tell you at a glance but you will have to put in some work. It will be worth your while.:sick:

  10. 1 hour ago, Robot Man said:

    I know Vinny is a board member. He rarely, if ever posts here. Maybe somebody who knows him should send him this link. He has always been very responsive when I have interacted with him. 

    I doubt he would get the message. I my years I have never seen him post here. I would not want this to come across as a personal attack  on him or his business.

  11. 12 minutes ago, mosconi said:

    Took me a while to learn out how to navigate their new website.  And once I kind of figured it out, a few books I was interested in had the worst blurry, washed out photos I've come across on a dealer website.  Requested a clearer scan from them and never received anything  :pullhair:  I've noticed another large auction site that also has washed out images, almost like they're playing with the settings on the scans to hide flaws and defects.  Don't know their true intent, but that's the impression it gives off...

    Unfortunately I may be forced to look elsewhere myself. Its too bad as I had mentioned they are a major resource for my collecting. It crossed my mind to give them some feed back directly but truthfully overall they have a take it or leave it attitude. 

  12. 30 minutes ago, comicquant said:

    It's really bad and the search functionality is a disaster (The images are awful).  I don't even use the site anymore.  Unfortunately they probably dumped a few hundred thousand for an amateur to build the site and it'll likely be a long time before they make any updates.

    Yes that too. No more super size images. Plus I am seeing far to many "image not available". Used to be alot of stock images but even that has gotten worse. 

  13. On 5/18/2020 at 10:21 PM, OV said:

    Although it's not a Copper Age GI Joe comic, I've been re-reading the Snake Eyes: Declassified story that Devil's Due put out.  I think it's a great story myself, and am wondering if people here consider it to be canon?  I really like the Trade ending where they connected a lot of the characters in Snake Eyes' life and gave updates on them.  What do you guys think?  :gossip:

    Interesting question.

    Although I personally consider only works by Larry Hama to be canon to the copper age ARAH  line it is really hard to say that this particular series from the DD line is not canon . The reason I say that it is, is because it does a very good job of "coloring inside the lines" as far as the Snake Eyes back story goes. DD does that to varying shades with the rest of the titles in their re-birthing of GI Joe but Snake Eyes :Declassified shines true in that regard. I have not read the trade paper back so I cannot speak to the continuity of that particular tale but if it follows suit I am sure it fits in just as well. 

    Curios to hear if Hama himself has commented on the matter?

  14. Yes I know this topic has pretty much spun off into infinity and beyond at this point but not something anyone else has alluded to is that not every one wants to take their comic collecting to this level.

    If I mention that I am a member of a "Collectors society" or members only comic board I get treated like a snob and often it is a turn off to the average joe collector that I meet. It can be a real conversation killer.

  15. I have tried to point one or two people in this direction.

    Typically anyone who regularly engages me in conversations about comics and around about the time they start treating me like a "guru" for knowing what I know about comics. Usually I just say if you want to read about and learn more about comics than you could ever imagine take a look at the CGC boards.

    Often it is to throw them off my trail just because as much as I love comics and collecting I am a busy working man and do not really have the time to talk comics all day. So I try to politely point them to somewhere they can. 

  16. On 7/26/2019 at 12:30 PM, Lobo1969 said:

    In that case it may creep back to $2000 IMO but not much more unless some new movies or streaming content get made. Some of the first 9.8 copies sold for around $2000 and that was peak for this book.

    While I do not find this surprising I do find it interesting that some of the selling prices issue #21 has reached have not even put it in the Overstreet list of top 25 copper books. Some might call it a small segment of the collecting community but still the book is a unique piece of comic book history.

  17. 7 hours ago, BrooksR said:

    I thought the story in #2 was really good and combined with it's "scarcity" its being valueable made sense to me.  I remember it being like $40 back in the 80's, while #1 was $15-20.  Maybe because of their value everyone held onto them in good condition back then and there are fewer 21's out there still?  I don't know, I really don't get it.  What do you guys think?  When did this book take off and why?

    To answer this question the short answer would be around 2006. The long answer would be buried in the annals of the CGC message board. 

  18. 2 hours ago, Lobo1969 said:

    This book has gained classic status as the first ever 'silent issue' that has been copied many times over since. The silent issue transcends GI Joe lore and spills into all time comic history hi-lights. Combine it with a classic cover and intro of a major character and you have popular book.

    I am not saying that I do not understand why it is such a popular book but rather what I did not understand is that Hama being such  a creator does not really deserve some of the hate he has gotten at times.  The comment I made with BrooksR is really just a tangent to

    what I was originally asking.  I am  not taking a stance that the book is not worthy of it selling price either as I understand the basic factors of what makes a comic book valuable.

    Really I am most  curious to hear  is  what those willing to pay for the book might someday see it reaching. If you have looked through this thread you might tend to agree I am in the right  spot to ask that.

  19. 19 hours ago, BrooksR said:

    I remember when I was a kid in the 80’s and obsessed with all things joe issue 21 wasn’t a big deal. The big issues were 1, 2, 26, and 27, especially #2. It’s kind of surreal for me coming back to comics after 25 years that this issue is so expensive :whatthe:

    Peculiar I might add that the highest priced books from years ago are of seemingly no value now in comparison to issue #21.

    I am talking multiple decimal point differences regardless of grade. 

    It suggests to me that the buyers market has created the value more out Larry Hama's creative abilities than the material content.

     I mean if you have "read" the story  , while it is good it is not the most intriguing story involving Snake eyes and storm shadow by far. So why the $$$$ in comparison o the other books?

    The only other book in the ARAH series that might currently compare is issue #155.  The creative back story being that in both cases Hama was being pressed for time by Marvel.

    That all makes little sense to me because at times Larry recently has caught some hate for his willingness to try new things. It would seem to me that the creators willingness to try new

    ideas put him on the map in the first place and kept him there for 4 decades.

    So all the while this book although as I said in my OP that there are no typical external force affecting the books selling price it slowly continues to take a up tick regularly. 

    I personally cannot see this book ever coming back down in to the breathable atmosphere. Although I am still quite curious as to where this segment of the collecting community may take it