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  1. This is a tough one. I just got a short box of 10 centers and alot of PCH that I will probably put in the sales forum. Need a little feedback on this one.This copy looks really good but alas has a piece missing on b/c and I believe centerfold missing. Please give input on an assigned grade but will put as qualified would be best??
  2. Been buying a collection piece meal, sent off the first few to get graded a while back and got them recently and bought more but still raw. Incredible colors and PQ.
  3. Just picked this an a couple more up yesterday. Just wanted to see what people thought on a grade. A press would help but going to keep this as is and try to sell it. Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
  4. A Seinfeld reference maybe? I too had my hopes up. I thought I was possibly going to work on my Big Boy run. Doh
  5. Maybe meant Marvel Feature #1 9.2?? or am I crazy? wellllll......
  6. I totally agree, it was a great time....good to see Dale and the Reeses. Alot of people, alot of good vibes from con goers, artists and dealers. And the best part...none of the "gotta wear a mask" BS.
  7. Another 2 I looked for years to get, was lucky enough to get them a while back.
  8. Man, I wanted this book so bad but was selling in this auction, so cant buy right now. I used to own the Aurora copy, which was also an 8.5. Had to sell it about 20 years ago (along with my Captain America #46 (9.4) (doh)....got a whooping $6000 for it)
  9. Hey, thanks. Just saw an update that they are in the system and scheduled for grading. It`s good to know people in high places <wink> <wink>
  10. I submitted an order online and did show drop off at MegaCon earlier this year. They were in the system in 2 days and delivered in less than 3 weeks. Did the same at Baltimore, but still aren`t in the system yet. Did fast track, so a little frustrated.
  11. As a Middle-aged White Guy, I find this offensive. We have been oppressed for years and shouldn't be held responsible for our actions in a broken, systematically racist society. In fact, the ONLY reason they were caught was because of the color of their skin. Now, when I go to a con, I'm being profiled and looked at. I feel if you see me just taking a couple comics, look the other way. I'm just trying to feed my family in this terrible country.
  12. I`ll be there,at the Diamond Summit and Con. Let me know if theres a boardie meet and greet.
  13. I was actually thinking this looks more like an 8.5....wow. And I agree ,it doesn`t look like damage after encapsulation but maybe a drop from grading to encapsulation.
  14. Recap: TMNT Adventures #1 newsstand CGC 9.8.....$700 Star Wars Episode I #3 CGC 9.8.....$450 Moon Girl #1 CGC 9.8.....$250
  15. -Payment: PayPal (or possible other options) and is required within 48 hours. Thanks for understanding. -No POS or Probation listers. -1st "I'll take it" here or PM gets it. -Shipping/Insurance is 1/2 of total exact cost. You pay for the books, I ship with insurance,I show you the receipt and you reimburse me for half. I think that's fair. -Shipping to US and Canada only -No returns on graded books. Raw books can be returned but you must notify me of this within 3 days of delivery. -No time payment or trades as this is funding another endeavor. Questions,comments and name-calling, all are welcome.