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  1. Yeah, every few months I remember to check in! howdy all. Fear not, I'm still buying up a storm. Jimbo, a delight to do business with you again!
  2. I've always considered Jimbo a good friend. Early in my collecting days, he was one of my favorite sources. I'll be happy to either buy or just donate cash to him in honor of all the good times. I'll check back as I can.
  3. Hope he gets back on his feet soon. Thanks for sharing your lovely goodies with us.
  4. To me, a Cheetah thread is as classic Golden-Age-of-the-boards as it gets. His quality is unmatched, just every book a beauty. Heck of a nice guy to boot. Just nostalgia for me. And to have Rick dropping coin on the thread as well? Takes me back! Weee!
  5. Cheers pal! Great to chat with you again.
  6. Never went away. just wasn't wowed by offerings here the past year or so, and stopped checking. Heritage has been doing a fine job of serving up the awesomesauce for me! But I buy more than ever, fear not!
  7. Yep, now no one will will see it again for who knows how long! One of my first Golden Age buys lo those years ago was from Bill, so always happy to do business with him.
  8. Just don't visit much. Not as much for sale around these parts of interest. but I fondly remember my shopping days here in years past.