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  1. Here's an updated picture of my foreign issues, now that most have arrived. Most are #1 issues, but I included some other "significant" issues too. Still need Kreten #1 and any issue from the Caribe edition to be fully represented. This photo is missing a 1993 Mexico, a Brazil 2nd edition #1 and has a Finland 1970 edition #3.
  2. In my difficulties getting photos to upload I might have over shrunk it. I tried to go in date order of countries based on the year their 1st edition was published. I also added significant other issues. 1st row: US MAD 1, 24(1st magazine), 30(1st alfred), Uk, Sweden (all 3 editions), Japan 2nd row: Denmark (GAS, GAS repro, issue with GAS & MAD, 1st MAD title, 2nd edition, 3rd edition), Netherlands (both editions) 3rd row: France (both editions), Germany (2nd edition), Finland (2nd edition), Norway (2nd edition), Italy (all 3 editions) 4th row: Spain (edition 1 & 3), Brazil (edition 1,2,3), Argentina, Mexico (edition1 & 4) 5th row: Australia, Greece (both editions), South Africa, Iceland, China, Quebec, Hungary 6th row: India, Turkey, U.S. Spanish edition #16 (4th issue), Germany #2, Finland 1st edition #3, Norway 1st edition #2 and an old Chinese paperback
  3. Here's an updated photo of some of the foreign first issues, as well as a few selected "key issues" or low # issues where I don't have the #1. Still looking for Finland 1970 #1, Israel #1, Caribe #1 and Kreten (Hungary) #1. A few issues still in the mail, hopefully they arrive and I will do any updated photo with all them as well... [/img]
  4. Thanks for the tips. Kreten is a Hungarian edition of MAD that was started in 1994. Additionally, in 1997 Hungary had an edition title MAD as well. Edicion Caribe is a Caribbean edition, I don't know all the specifics, but it seems it was distributed in Puerto Rico and Venezuela and I assume elsewhere. I actually have tons of extra foreign issues from Sweden and Denmark, and a smattering from other countries including many first issues. More to come... It isn't accept my photo's and I can't figure it out. They aren't big files, but it is saying they exceed size.
  5. I am looking for a few foreign issues and the 1958 MAD t-shirt. I have some amazing things available for trade or can purchase. The issues I need are: Finland 1970 #1, Norway 1971 #1, Israel #1, Kreten 1994 #1 and any of the Edicion Caribe issues. I have many foreign issues available to trade including many first issues and lots of other hard to find items. If you have any of those please reach out to me and hopefully we can work out a mutually beneficial deal. I have jewelry, straight jackets, Alfred E Neuman sing's what me worry 45's, and lots of other stuff... Thank you!