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  1. I wonder if they're keeping the $150 credit for Premium membership.
  2. That’s a great point. If we can’t ban tipping completely, then at least charge it based on number of plates or number of customers. Not the cost of the meal. Similarly, I would like it if the grading companies charged based on the time and expense involved and not the value of the book.
  3. The process doesn't pass the smell test, but we could always send our books elsewhere if we don't like it, right? Or not send our books at all. Still, to charge more based on a nebulous "market value" and then to not even insure the items for the amount you required me to pay, it just feels wrong. But I also think it's criminal for a real estate agent to get 3-6% to sell a house, even though it's the same amount of work to sell a $100k home as a $1 million home.
  4. Another wrinkle to consider is that premiums people paid for CGC graded comics were not paid to CGC. CGC only received the encasement costs. I suppose the alleged victim might argue that CGC knew its grading would be relied upon by those down the stream and not just the customer who ordered the case from CGC. but I think a class action claim would be stretch unless the class is composed of people who want their money back for the cost of slabbing (not the premiums paid to a seller
  5. That's a pretty shocking pie chart. This industry (perhaps like all industries) always goes to far with a trend and pursues a strategy until it kills what it started. Meaning, a variant, a foil cover, a facsimile, a crossover, etc., these can all be neat and cool when used sparingly, but when books are only being printed to sell a variant, what are we doing? Just sell limited print run posters. Some might say that the variant game is only thing keeping the industry alive, but that's short sighted. Words and pictures being used together to tell a compelling story is what should be driving the industry. If you can't do that, then maybe you don't need to be publishing. Is there any "data" on how variants affect long-term collectability of a title? It completely turns me off from trying to have a run because it is impossible to own them all. I know I was working on a complete CGC 9.8 of Invincible, but all these post-story, convention variants have killed my interest in that pursuit.
  6. Why is Malibu Sun 13 bigger than Up 'N Coming 16? I ask because I recently bought a copy of it for $5 and I would like it to be worth several hundred. Still a valid question though. It was mailed out in March of 1992, so it should at least be on par with the Previews value. Thoughts?
  7. As a consumer, WhatNot prices are insanely all over the board. Some quarter-bin books will sell for $20 and other $20 books go for a $1. That whole "You never know what you might get" vibe is what makes it fun for me the consumer. Usually though, it seems that if you have at least 20 people in the room, the book tends to get close to the going rate. It's always hard to tell condition, so I think that tends to chill bids. I act more as a price fluffer/bottom feeder, bidding only while the price is nominal in the hope of snagging a deal. good luck on your sales.
  8. These were all either $0.95 or 2 for $1.95 at local 2nd & Charles (except $0.50 for Bloodfire and $1.25 for Stray Bullets). Not face melting, but I was pretty pleased.
  9. If sending one in for grading, it is better to remove from the polybag before sending or does it matter? Thanks.
  10. I agree. I appreciate the absurdity of the gimmick, but CGC shouldn't have played a role. Also, what gets lost in these gimmicks is that Bad Idea has put out some quality comics. Eniac, Odinn's Eye and all the Hero Trade backups in particular.
  11. I've bought on WhatNot, but unless you're buying slabbed, it's hard to tell condition. If you think you've gotten a deal, wait until you receive the books.
  12. I thought it had a print run of 7,000? Seems like plenty, but maybe not.
  13. I don't quite get the high prices for the What Not variants or why they even exist. If that's what the market demands, then it would seem those 5th anniversary covers should be selling for more.
  14. NGL, I bought the Sam Keith variant because I have no concept of the value of a dollar.
  15. Latest issue was great as always. Is there a list out there of all the Invincible appearances as well as tie-in series (such as Brit & Capes)? I've gotten spoiled by the Valiantfans website and so I was surprised that I couldn't find a similar site for Invincible.