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  1. Hey Guys, I am on the hunt for any signature series book - book and signature does not matter with a sign date of 4/4. that date is my sons birthday so trying to find something for that. thanks guys
  2. would that make it similar to saying ASM 298 1st Eddie Brock (later becomes Venom) (AOS 466) vs ASM 300 (1st full Venom)/ AOS 500 (1st Full Cyborg Superman)?
  3. Hey guys, so I had a question on cyborg superman 1st appearance and im wondering which would be the key to get? you have Adventures of Superman 466 - 1st Full Hank Henshaw, then you have Adventures of Superman 500 that notes as 1st Steel & Superboy but mention of Cyborg Superman and lastly Superman 78 - other sites has this noting as the 1st full appearance of Cyborg Superman but it and AOS 500 was released the same day (chicken or the egg) just looking for thoughts & feedback, thank you!
  4. Purchased a tod and a Marvel spotlight 5, packaged professionally & shipped very quickly couldn't have prayed for a better transaction!