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  1. I guess I'm a bit late to the CGC love fest that my good friend Brucie started, but I LOVE EVERYONE ON THIS BOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Greggy smells
  2. Just to add a bit more to this thread...Unless a comic collector has been hiding under a rock for the last 3 years (even more if they knew about the success of the first X-Men animated show on Fox in the early 90's)...it would hard to not figure out that the X-Men and Wolverine in particular are "hot" books to own. If someone were to have bought 100 copies of Hulk 181 back in the day, I would think they had a definite understanding of the comic book world and might even still be collecting or at the very least following what is happening in the mainstream media. Who in their right mind would not want to capitalize on Wolvie's and the Hulk's popularity and sell 10 or 20 or 30 copies of this book...especially if they kept the book in NM condition. From experience I can honestly say that most of the books I bought for the very first time back in the late 70's and stored in bags and boards...when I revisted that collection about 10 years ago...they were definitley not in NM condition. I read them all about 10 times, bagged and then rebagged them a number of times, etc.. Sure, some really really smart people out there MIGHT own 100 copies of Hulk 181....but I think the odds of getting 9.6 or 9.8 copies out of that bunch are slim... I think the posters on this board are pretty well connected in the comics world and someone would have heard or seen another person's "100 hoarded" Hulk 181's...I know I have never met anyone who owns a ton of them... I still think this is THE book to own from the last 30 years.
  3. Actually, thanks to Garth Ennis and his super duper popular Punisher maxi-series a couple of years ago...the new Punisher ongoing series is a consistent Top seller for Marvel. Marvel has been very smart about not overexposing him like they did in the early 90's...but the bottom line is that his new series sells very well. Plus, a Punisher movie is about to go into production. Article in today's Variety about it. I LOVE my ASM 129 and 135 set in 9.6
  4. Gene - off topic, but I saw your quote in the post. Ever read a book called To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust? A great "fantasy/thriller" about the creation of Heaven and Hell and how Lucifer, Satan, etc...started out on the "good" side!! Cool stuff... Back to on-topic. I don't understand all the talk about people hoarding books and sitting on copies in NM, etc...Don't you all think that if someone owned some comic books that were worth a lot of money, they would either: Get the book slabbed and sell it Get the book slabbed and not sell it Sell it unslabbed Hold onto it 4 choices. And by now, if all these people had bought up NM copies, don't you all think they would be showing up on eBAY and elsewhere? OR, these copies will never see the light of day...I don't think we'll see too many 9.6 or higher copies of Hulk 181 between now and who knows when. I could be wrong, but I don't see it happening...
  5. Well, we are talking about the most popular Marvel comics character of the last 30 years. Granted, Spidey is Spidey, but Wolverine has been the man. With the X-Men sequel, a RUMORED Wolverine spinoff movie in the works, the X-Men animated show, video games, INCLUDING a Wolverine SOLO video game that is generating great buzz and will be out next summer, not to mention the Hulk movie that should increase exposure....there is no reason to think that the very first appearance of Wolvie won't continue to rise. Even with this CGC downturn, the high end Wolverine slabs are going for very nice amounts. And unless a huge truckload of 9.6 copies come available sometime soon, I think that this is THE Bronze Age book to own for a long, long time.
  6. OK, I thought it would be interesting to find out what the first book that everyone sent to CGC was. A number of years ago I bought a NM ASM 129 from Blazingbob, back when he was living in NYC - he was in a walk-up and had this room/closet where he kept all his books I bought a number of books from him over a couple year period, and this is before CGC came around. Anyway, the first "key" book I ever bought was this ASM 129. I held it for almost 2 years before hearing about CGC. Sent it to be graded and it came back a 9.0! I was the happiest freakin camper ever. To get a 9.0 of the 1st Punisher book was like winning the lottery (of course, I now sleep with my 9.6 copy, but that's another story!!!).
  7. Thanks crew for the answers!!! Avengers 70 and 85 are the ones to get - OK!!
  8. I'm assuming it's a Bronze Age book that the Squadron Supreme made their first appearance in...but I could be wrong. thanks.
  9. Very tough call about the one particular book that started the Bronze Age. Why is Action Comics 1 considered the start of the Golden Age? Why is Showcase 4 considered the start of the Silver Age? Is it because both comics had a tremendous influence of everything that came after it? I'm a huge Conan fan and a huge GL 76 fan and a huge Weird War Tales 1 fan, not to mention a huge Giant Size X-Men fan and I think I've read a variety of articles discussing the pros and cons for why any one of those 4 books is the beginning of the Age. I honestly don't know. If you look at those 4 (and others from that era), definitely the Giant Size X book has had the most staying power. Conan was a successful book for years but died. Weird War Tales was around for years and then died. Green Lantern is still around...but the X book in my opinion defined a generation of readers and brought the superhero book back into the limelight just when all the horror/monster/war books were doing well. Tough call.