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  1. I've been on about two or three times in the last five years or more. But hi.
  2. It *was* Overstreet. While I was still editor of the Guide, we did a year-and-a-half long project of communicating with collectors and historians to encourage new discussion of the Overstreet Age definitions as they stood and redefine them with some new additions. Since that time (it's been years now), there's a Copper Age in Overstreet. But we didn't invent it - hundreds of people participated in the discussion online, in traditional letters and in person, and the Copper Age had long been a term thrown around for the '80s well before us. The Overstreet Age system is just one way to look at comic book history. You can do whatever you like, and if decades works for you, then go for it.
  3. Should I stress there's a dress code at the museum? *quickly goes off to write a dress code for the museum*
  4. We chatted for a bit when he stopped by on Friday, just a mix-up. It happens.
  5. Tom, I usually let your glib inanities slide because that's what message boards are like, but this is a personal thing with me: Don't call me "Arnie." I don't appreciate it, I'm offended by it, and I find it a small-minded thing to do to belittle me in that way. And besides, if I want to rib Ian after he ribbed me, that's my business. I don't honestly know why it's any concern of yours what Ian and I say to each other. So perhaps it's better if you just keep your clever witticisms to yourself.
  6. You forgot the part months ago where you said you were going to try one more time to compile the list? Well at least I reminded you now, so no harm done.
  7. I don't mind the jab, he needs to keep himself amused while assembling that exhaustive list he's no doubt drafting to make his mark on price guide history and insure that the Guide is updated with all that vital information that we can't otherwise obtain in any other fashion except with his help. Of course he won't deprive comics of that knowledge, but sometimes he needs to take a break and make a joke to lighten the mood. And I forgive him for that.
  8. Nope, there's at least one already existing complete set that was covered in Scoop sometime back, but this isn't about that. It doesn't diminish the amazing collecting accomplishment regardless of how many times it's been done. That it's done at all is simply incredible dedication.
  9. No, this year we're sending a smaller group to the show as there are a lot of projects to work on back home. I'm a bit sorry to miss it this year, but it's a hassle to do all that traveling, so I don't mind skipping one and waiting for next year. As for the WHO episodes, quite frankly this is a project of yours that I'm much more excited about since you started talking about it again over on the OG board. I sincerely hope that this mission of yours is successful beyond our wildest expectations. That would be quite a gift. And I want to see more Troughton!
  10. Congratulations Ian, and just when you seemed to have lost some energy for the quest. Nice to see it all wrap up happily.
  11. I didn't really stop to look at the scans before but I can see you're absolutely right. Do you know what the actual contents are of those Japanese giveaways and the cooking one? Not necessary information per se, but it would certainly be nice to know. In any event, I'll jot down those three. Hey, at least it's a start.