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  1. This is from a UK Batman parody called Brickman. The woman is his partner Tina Trowel. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brickman_(comic_strip) In 2005 a digest sized book called "Brickman Begins" was published with new illustrations from artists including Tim Sale. While I don't have access to the interior pages, it wouldn't surprise me if your page is the original art used for the pin-up in the collected book.
  2. Apologies if this has been asked somewhere before. I'd like to get a commission but I'd like to have the right materials before I begin. -What paper do people recommend for commissions? I'm assuming the answer is smooth bristol but there seem to be different weights online (300/400/500) and I'm wondering which is most ideal for a quality pencil/ink commission that would maybe be colored at a later date. If there's a different, better paper I'd love to hear thoughts, as well as a specific brand to use. -How thick should the paper be? -Are there resources to get custom sized paper? I'd prefer 14x20 paper but it appears as though none of the places I've searched have that size specifically so I assume you'd need to buy a larger size and have it cut down, but I'm not sure where to get it cut. Thanks for any help provided!
  3. If the artist has a way to contact them you can always reach out a couple weeks prior to the convention and send them your book to sketch on. Then you can pick it up at the convention. Alternatively if you just want to get the sketch at the convention I'd recommend making a beeline to the artist's table in the first hour and dropping your book off with the artist. Get yourself on their commission list early. They'll work on it throughout the day when they have downtime. When you're ready to leave at the end of the day or when the sketch is done bring a cgc witness with you to pick up the book and you'll get the signature series label.
  4. Where exactly are you getting the number 44 from? From glancing at the registry for X-Men 1 it looks like there's currently 643 SS books out there.