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  1. I see you this way if it comes back with the Newton rings they getting the books back and they got to fix it I didn’t pay all that money for nothing and you should do the same that goes for everyone
  2. After this I give up I’m staying away from CGC I’m just gonna wait for the rest of the orders and I’m not submitting anything anymore something is just not right i’m going digital
  3. It’s crazy cause this only started a few months ago it wasn’t like this before
  4. I think I probably send over more than 30 books back within a few months signed and non-signed every time I send a book or 2 or 15 back they take even longer the package more sloppier it’s like if it was being done on purpose I wish I would’ve never give complain about the books because now I feel like they’re doing me dirty I know that sounds crazy but it feels like it and it looks like it
  5. And yes I was expecting a better grade maybe one or two but all of them got shut down these books were fine the way they were I should’ve just left them
  6. I recently had purchased a book for $500 9.8 and when I tell you that book looks so bad I had those ring smudges I send the book back got the money back and can you believe that I purchased that book 2 more times with other people and it was the same thing and every time I ask them why don’t you send it back that’s an error Cgc will fix it they all say the same thing no they’ll make you pay for it and I told them no they won’t one guy said believe me they will
  7. I’m just really Upset I’ve been getting a lot of my books back from them and the grading has just been horrible The slabs been coming back not closed right wrong labels all those rings I just been sending them back even twice sometimes I just had enough i’m scared to send any more books and I got so many stuck over there I can’t get them back I have to wait till they finish the process and I have to pay for them
  8. Well I never crack the slabs open and I send it straight to Cgc which they send it to CCS 7 of the books were already a 9.6 there was one raw the other one was a 9.4 and one 9.0 10 books in total . for the 9.2 that I got for the Raw book and that’s OK but I just find the rest of the book strange not even one change nothing different so I’m OK with it but it’s like they didn’t even bother re-grading the books I don’t even think they got pressed or cleaned
  9. Send my comic to cgc raw first time no pressed or clean got 9.6 No grader notes decided to send it to get clean and pressed and regrade and he came back the same 9.6 it would be OK if it was one book but 7 of them so I’m asking if they could tell me what’s wrong with the books I Pay so much I deserve at least that much
  10. I just paid them to send me my books back nothing changed and I’m asking why
  11. I sent 10 books in one 9.4 one 9.0 and one raw and the rest 9.6. I never had any of these books pressed or cleaned and that’s the grade they Got.The raw book got pressed and clean and got a 9.2 and that’s fine I can’t do nothing else with that book. it got the grade it Got. but how is it that the books that I send to get Pressed clean Did not even change?? one of my books grades and I understand if it was the 9.4 or the 9.0 because the only thing I could see on those books it was a little bit dirty I don’t know how they got like that. but they were like that when I got them graded but the 9.6 the books look amazing I just want to know why did I get the grade I got I pay for it twice at least I deserve that much for spending that much money. I just don’t know what’s wrong with these books I provided pictures of some of them when I send it In the first time. So you guys can see. i just don’t know what’s wrong with these books? They won’t tell me.
  12. I live in New York we didn’t have the opportunity that most people have I still haven’t received my Kingspawn signed number one and you’re telling me I can’t get a graded with the gold label that is so messed up someone please tell me that I can still submit it