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  1. I was wondering if anyone knows if CSG can incapsulate the WWE Immaculate Ink auto cards? They are thick and i haven't seen any of them graded by any company. Thanks, Nelson
  2. They just posted the grades of my new cards that they are about to ship back. When i go to inventory and try to add Image from CSG it says CSG image not available. And under description, alot of them say Unknown? Is there a glitch in the system? Its never done that before with the other carxs I've sent im
  3. So i have been tracking my order all week, and im confused. It was recieved, scheduled for graded, graded, encapsulation and quality control/finalized, and when i checked just now it went back to scheduled for grading?
  4. I had the same card, just a different a wrestler, signed and that one got graded, maybe they'll give an explanation when i recieve them 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. So i checked on my order that got graded and noticed one card didnt get graded, not eligible. Anyone know why?
  6. So im kind of new to this, but is there a way to see why a card got the grade it did? Thanks
  7. Never mind, i didnt see add csg image 🤦🏻‍♂️
  8. I just recieved an email saying my cards have been completed and have been shipped out. When i added my card to the registry it doesnt show an image of the front and back like my other cards have had in the past. Was this an error or did i do something wrong?
  9. I just typed in the tracking number but says it hasn't been delivered, or it has not been scanned yet. Its been 2 weeks, i was hoping it would have been scanned by now but i know you guys have been very busy. This is the screen shot i took from usps
  10. Is there a way you can confirm that you have the package?
  11. I sent 2 usps priority boxes last week. Mine was suppose to go to CSG, which it did, the other (which i was sending for a friend since he couldnt make it to the post office) was suppose to go to Beckett. The one to beckett was delivered to CSG and signed for. Will CSG send it back to the post office? Or back to me when they realize it wasnt suppose to be delivered there? I dont know why the post office sent it there since it's not even in the same state.