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  1. Can you change the card on file to be charged
  2. When do you get charged for the service at what stage?
  3. Mine were delivered on 3/29/2021 and finally entered on 5/8/2021.
  4. Nice... I have one in there from 3/29/2021 so maybe now I should get entered soon. One hopes.....
  5. They have been working on the week of 3/15/2021 for weeks. Crazy. They need to hire at least some people to put in the orders.
  6. I’m impressed you were able to get anything into HGA it’s like playing the lottery. Happy for you. Grading cards are making a killing for them to only be grading 5 days a week 8 hours a day. You would think they would run 7 days a week and have shifts so they can run faster turn arounds. What do I know though.
  7. Yea I had Called today and they said they were working on March 15-19th
  8. Just checking anyone else still waiting on their cards to be logged in from the week of 3/24/2021?
  9. Nope. You just have to hope and pray that they actually received them. My biggest issue so far has been the communication that CSG has regarding shipments being received.
  10. Seriously.....While I am not shocked holy batman. PSA closes down for 3 months. SGC basically says screw you, we don't want your business.... So look at CSG. Times are going to inflate even more people get in while you can.... Graded Cards will start going for triple their current prices in 4 months time.
  11. I have cards with them for 2 weeks and I still have yet to see them in my account. They don’t sent anything saying they actually got them. It’s a case of wait and see if they posted them they should really stop telling people 72 hours.
  12. Good Point. PSA just crashed. I’m excited to see what CSG has to offer.
  13. That is a very good question. How can they quote turn around times on their website correctly and not get items received in time. I submitted my first package and man reading the comments here I don’t know if I will submit another.
  14. So is my first submission with this company. They received my cards last Thursday. I am very curious to see how long it takes to get into the system. I am excited that there is another option other than PSA...BGS... and so forth. Lets hope that they staffed properly knowing the other companies are facing. Love that they have created this forum for all of us to convey our thoughts and to communicate with each other.