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  1. Thanks for asking this question. Just recently the same thing happened to me and was going to call CGC tomorrow about this issue.
  2. Hi there, I have a quick question. I'm putting together an order for the signature series but when I go through the online forms it's not giving me the option for custom labels. I know it usually shows up after the comic ID and declared value. Is the option still available? Thank you so much for your time!
  3. Hello everyone. Got this one back a few weeks ago from the Greg Horn signing. It's really pretty awesome, definitely one of my favorite sketch's I own!?
  4. Hello Everyone..... Just wanted to give a quick update on my ASM 122 Got it back from CGC today for the Gerry Conway singing and it was a 1.8. I can make positive and negative thoughts either way, but overall I'm happy with it and happy to own it! Now my kids have one more item to sell after I die Take care everyone and thanks for all your help!
  5. Thank you everyone for your input, I really appreciate it! I knew as soon as I got it, I wanted to get it slabbed ASAP, to help preserve it. Then I saw the Gerry Conway signing was happening. So, I'm going to get that done. Once I get this wonderful item back from CGC I'll post some pics with the grade, I'm thinking 2.5 as well. Thank you again for all your help. Have a great day everyone, take care!!
  6. Hello Everyone, I'm asking for your help in getting an idea for a grade on this ASM I just got yesterday. First off, I'm not looking to flip or sell it at all, my kids can do that when I die. Got a pretty good deal on this wonderful item, yes, I know there is some wear and tear on it but it's pretty nice pick up if I do say so. I kind of have an idea on a grade, just need some expert advice, thank you so much guys, have a great weekend!
  7. Hi there everyone, sorry I'm a little late to this conversation. I also got a sketch by Jim Lee and I received it today. I have Good and bad things to say about it: The Bad: I submit 13-15 Blank cover variants a year for signature and sketchs, never have I had one come back less than a 9.8. I clean, press etc.... before sending them out. This one came back a 9.4, with NO grader comments! Will be asking CGC what they were shortly. The Good: The Sketch is AMAZING, I love it alot! I requested Storm of the X-men, but I wanted her in the 80's style, you know mohawk hair style and Jim Lee nailed it! This is awesome! Just my take on the whole thing, thanks! I hope everyone's items return to them in the near future. Happy New Year!
  8. Just wanted to give you a quick update on my order. On Tuesday 11/16 moved from G.E.I. (Grading/encapsulation/imaging) to Grading/ Quality Control. Than on Wednesday 11/17 I got a shipping notice that its on its way. Just wanted to let everyone know, I hope everyone's order comes back to them very soon!
  9. My submission is like yours, I submitted mine for pressing as well. Mine went into G.E.I. (Grading/encapsulation,imaging) on 9/23 and like yours has been sitting there since than. Just out of Curiosity I called C.G.C. last Friday (11/5) and talked to customer service about that. What they said was my order would ship in "5-7 business days". At this point that seems very highly unlikely. I've ordered many Signature services through their program in the past and whenever it went into the the G.E.I. status I could count on at least 2 maybe 3 weeks at the latest to be shipped, now its almost 2 months! I also have a Roy Thomas signature that's close to the 2 month mark right now that's still in G.E.I. status!! Just wanted to let you know your not alone!
  10. I guess I might be the exception. Like you I do 8-10 Signature series events a year and usually they have gone pretty smoothly. But Currently I have 2 Submissions that have lost their way: Walt Simonson: Currently been in the G.E.I (Grading/encapsulation/Imaging) stage since the first week of September, went through C.C.S. Pressing after signing. Roy Thomas: Currently G.E.I. stage since the second week of September, went through C.C.S. Pressing after signing Based on C.G.C. "first in, first out" motto, these books were received the first week of the announced signing and sat for a at least a month of two before the event. Same with the Jim Lee signing that was received the first week and sat 4 plus months at C.G.C. Normally for me once my books hit the G.E.I. stage it would take about 2 weeks before being shipped, 3 tops. Now its sitting on week 8 and 9 respectively with no movement at all. So you can see my sarcasm in the matter and why I don't see the Jim Lee Sketch coming back to me before St. Patrick's day.
  11. I sent in two submissions, 1 for the full sketch and another for the signature only. Glad to see something is happening. Now with the holidays coming up, I say the over/under for getting them back around St. Patrick's day, just being somewhat optimistic I guess.
  12. Just got this one back earlier this week. I really like what Mark Bagley did on this remarque!!
  13. Just got this one back about a week or so ago, cool Spidey!!
  14. Got this awhile back from the H. Ramos sig. series, I like it alot!
  15. Just got this one back Thursday, from the H. Ramos signing. One of my favs!
  16. Going through old post..... yada... yada... yada..... Saw this, he's doing a signing 6/21/21 with D.W.C. Here's the link, scroll to the bottom. Desert Wind Comics - Events Schedule - Desert Wind Comics
  17. Like I said in the previous post, just started to get my first S.S. books back.
  18. Long time collector, since my Mom bought me my first ASM in the 80's. Just recently I've been sending some of my collection to CGC for the SS. Got a few back and I'm very thrilled about the result!