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  1. Hello! First "take it", gets it. I accept PayPal only. All comics will be shipped in boxes. I never use envelopes. Feel free to PM me with any questions or offers. KUDOS
  2. Hi! First "take it, gets it. I accept PayPal. I accept returns if your item is damaged or not as described. I ship "bulletproof". Feel free to PM me with any questions. $70 SHIPPED The packaging is in excellent condition and this item has never been opened. Definitely a harder to find set.
  3. Very easy to deal with, pleasant to speak with and paid quickly on a big ticket sale. Thanks again!
  4. Wow! I'm learning a lot about this topic. Great community here.
  5. They are way cool and I guess that's why I kept them, some great cover art.
  6. Wolverine, Spider-Man, Earth X, Iron Man....about 20 different titles. I can get you a list if you PM me.
  7. I hear ya', but I don't really see many graded copies for sale. Maybe I'll just stick them with my hundreds of Valiant issues....which are sure to be hot again....any day now....
  8. Thanks for the info, guys. Are they worth grading? These are amazing looking copies.
  9. I just found about 50 in the original mailers and was wondering if there is a market for them.
  10. That's it for now! I'm up to $1545 for everything (that isn't purchased). Make me an offer on the whole LOT.
  11. All of the following are in the 7-8 range and are $10 each.This was a well taken care of collection. X-Men X-Force Mojo Wild Whipping Tail X-Men Invasion Series Havok Projectile Throwing x2 X-Men Invasion Series Spiral Arm Spinning x2 X-Men Invasion Eric The Red Metallic Armor X-Men Invasion Iceman II Ice Limbs X-Men Invasion Battle Ravaged Wolverine Berserker Rage X-Men Mutant Genesis Series X-Cutioner Staff Spinning x8 X-Men Mutant Genesis Maverick Quick Draw x2 X-Men Mutant Genesis Senyaka Whip Cracking X-Men Flashback Series Savage Land Wolverine Super Slashing Claw X-Men Battle Brigade Lady Deathstrike Bio-Morphing
  12. I have 1 Deadpool and 1 Blob. I'll send you a pic via PM. Thanks!
  13. X-Men Savage Land Storm & Colossus (8.5) $13 X-Men Savage Land Angel & Sauron (8.5) $15 Comic Book Champions Sub-Mariner Golden Age Pewter (7.5) $12 Comic Book Champions Thor Silver Age Pewter (8) $13 2 available Comic Book Champions Captain America Golden Age Pewter (8) $15 ALL CBC pewter statues limited to 19,997 with COA.
  14. X-Men Professor Xavier Mutant Armor (8) $10 Amazing Spider-Man Stealth Venom Sneak Attack Symbiote (8) $10 Amazing Spider-Man Stealth Venom Sneak Attack Symbiote (8) $10 Spider-Man Spider Wars Dr. Strange Mystical Morphing Cape (8) $11 Spider-Man Spider Wars Black Cat Scratching Crossbow (8) $10 Spider-Man The Animated Series Punisher Immobilizing Arsenal (8) $12 Spider-Man The Animated Series Nick Fury Missile Launching Jet Pack (8) $12 Legends Of Batman The Riddler (8) $7 SOLD Legends Of Batman The Laughing Man Joker (8) $7 SOLD Legends Of Batman Catwoman Quick Climb Claw (7) $8 SOLD Uncanny X-Men X-Force Cannonball Catapult Launching (7) $9 X-Men X-Force Caliban Mutant Roaring Attack (7.5) $8
  15. Spider-Man Animated Series Tombstone Double Punch Action (8) $12 Uncanny X-Men Strong Guy (7.5) $12 Marvel's Most Wanted Blink Teleporter Action Base (9) $10 Batman Forever The Riddler Brain Drain (8) $7 Batman Forever Two-Face Turbo Charge Cannon (8) $7 Adventures Of Batman & Robin Harley Quinn Knockout Punching Glove (7.5) $9 Marvel Super Heroes Fantastic Four Invisible Woman Catapult Launcher (7) $8 Batman & Robin Jungle Venom Poison Ivy (7.5) $10 Adventures Of Batman & Robin Ra's Al Ghul Strike Shooter Combat Sword (7) $8 X-Men Classics Elektra Ninja Blade (8.5) $7 X-Men Classics Elektra Ninja Blade (8.5) $7 Justice League Of America Zauriel (8) $10 Justice League Of America Impulse (8) $10 Ghost Rider Skinner Glow In The Dark Features (8) $8 Spider-Man Electro Shock Captain America (8.5) $12 Alpha Flight Snowbird & Puck Marvel Collector Editions (8) $12 Alpha Flight Northstar & Aurora Marvel Collector Editions (8) $12
  16. Justice League Of America World's Greatest DC Comics Super Hero Collection Series 1,2,4 (8.5) $22 each Generation X Phalanx (7.5) $7 Marvel Super Heroes Venom Living Skin Slime Spores (8) $10 Marvel Super Heroes Daredevil Exploding Grapple Hook (8) $10 Batman & Robin Batgirl Battle Blade Scythe (8) $8 Batman & Robin Bane Attack Axe Gauntlet (8) $9 New Batman Adventures Creeper Camera Launcher (7.5) $6 Spider-Man Spider Power J. Jonah Jameson Spider-Slayer Desk (8) $12 X-Men Age Of Apocalypse Cyclops Cybernetic Guardian Laser Blaster (7) $5 The Vault Marvel Super Villains Typhoid Mary Straight Jacket (8.5) $8
  17. X-Men X-Force Killspree (7) $8 Generation X Skin (7) $7 Generation X Banshee (7) $8 X-Men Onslaught Jean Grey (8) $10 Rising Stars Ravenshadow (9) $10 Rising Stars Critical Maas (9) $10 X-Men Monster Armor Rogue Cyclaw (8) $8 X-Men Generation X Marrow (7.5) $5 Marvel Super heroes Venom Alien Liquid (7) $10 Batman Forever The Riddler Bazooka (7) $8 Mutant X The Fallen Previews Exclusive (9) $25 X-Men Missile Flyers Future Bishop Wing Attack Armor (8) $10 Rising Stars Patriot (9) $10 Batman & Robin Bane Attack Axe Crusher Gauntlet (7.5) $18 Amazing Spider-Man Special Colector's Series Spider-Woman Black Widow Assault Gear (8.5) $10 X-Men Missile Flyers Future Shard Wingpack (7.5) $9 Mage Kevin Matchstick '98 Premiere Series (8) $8 Mutant X Goblin Queen Previews Exclusive (8.5) $20
  18. And 3319comics breaks the ice! Thanks! I believe that I only have 1 from that series, but will be listing all of them today.
  19. Spider-Man Spider Force Wasp Transforming Insect Armor (8) $7 Spider-Man Electro Spark Electro (9) $8 Amazing Spider-Man Stealth Venom Sneak Attack Symbiote (8.5) $10 Batman Animated Series Robin With Turbo Glider (8) $10 Marvel Super Heroes Amazing Spider-Man Multi Jointed Action Poses (8) $13 Spider-Man Vampire Wars Blade-Vampire Hunter Spear Launching Attack (7) $15 Chuggin' along....