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  1. Does anyone hear that? It sounds like the world's smallest violin playing
  2. That seller is tothemarketdownthestreetforsomeCRAZY but he's free to charge whatever he thinks he can get even if he's completely clueless and off his rocker
  3. The novel was a warning about the dangers of romance? Yes, don't knock boots with body parts sewn together in a mockery of life and then animated via electricity. It's a clear message.
  4. C'mon everybody, let's have an old school smiley threadbombing, just like in the old days (you know, the days on this board that were about 1,000,000 times superior to the sanitized BS this place has become)
  5. We need more Jeffro. No. We need more Jerkfro. I don't think you really want that.
  6. We need more Jeffro. I feel Jerkfro coming on. This thread is the impetus.
  7. The thread at this point needs a full on smiley invasion.