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  1. In case anyone is looking for a last minute hotel for NYCC: We have a prepaid room at Wyndham New Yorker for five nights (Wed-Mon) that we can no longer use. Original room cost was $1967 - looking to recoup $1000. Please PM with interest. Thanks, Court
  2. That's right - the stunning original cover art to the incredibly historic Batman 50 is 100% drawn by hand! Only the third of Mikel's numerous Batman covers to be drawn traditionally, cover art measures 11" x 17" - pen / ink and inkwash on bristol. Purchase also includes a large format (18" x 24") full color fine art giclee monoprint of the final full color artwork. "Buy it now" price is $18,000, and we will also be accepting offers for consideration until July 4 Finally, a bit of news regarding Batman 50 interiors: We anticipate unprecedented demand for Mikel's interior pages to issue 50, as evidenced by the numerous requests we have already received to purchase these pages sight unseen. As a special THANK YOU to all of Mikel's customers who have already supported him by purchasing his artwork, we will be offering an exclusive 24-hour advance buying window to all pre-existing customers. Any pages that do not sell during this initial 24-hour window will then be made available on the website on July 5th. If you would like to be added to this exclusive preview list but have not bought any of Mikel's art from us previously, there is still time! Any purchases made through our site prior to July 4th will automatically get you added to the preview list. And...to make things even easier, we have also just added select pages from the popular "I Am Suicide" story arc to the site, so...lots of great art to choose from! And...pages from issues 48 and 49 will also be added to the site as soon as these issues hit the stands (issue 48 drops just one week from today)! Thanks for looking!
  3. New Artist Added! Brian Hurtt Commission List Now Open!! Plus...New Art!!! First, we are very excited to announce that Kyle Charles is joining CCA! Kyle has been working in comics for the last several years, with credits on various Image titles including '68 and Roche Limit, while also contributing to various comics anthologies as well (including Heavy Metal, among others). Kyle's current work on Her Infernal Descent (Aftershock) has been extremely well received, with the first issue quickly selling out as soon as it hit store shelves! To see Kyle's gallery click HERE. And...for those of you that have been waiting so patiently...we are happy to say that Brian Hurtt's commission list is NOW OPEN! Brian is constantly juggling multiple projects at once, which keeps him extremely busy, and as such he is very rarely available for commissions. This is a rare opportunity, and only (5) spots are available, so please contact us ASAP if you'd like to claim a spot on Brian's list! Brian's full-size cover-quality commission pricing is as follows: 11" x 14" pen and ink - single character / full background...$500 each additional character...+ $150 add inkwash to any commission... +$150 And finally: Here is a rundown of all new art that has been added this week: Ed Benes - DC Trinity pinup Kyle Charles - Her Infernal Descent covers and interiors for issue # 1, assorted covers Tyler Jenkins - Grass Kings #13 cover Sonny Liew - Eternity Girl interiors, cover for issue #5 Lucio Parrillo - Marvel cover paintings Alisson Rodrigues - G.I. Joe #250 inks As always, thanks for looking! Court Gebeau www.comiconart.com
  4. There has always been an "undo" feature - with pencils, the eraser - with inks, whiteout. It might be faster with CTRL-Z (and the time-saving aspect is usually the biggest selling point when an artist chooses to work digitally) - but there has always been a parachute. And at the end of the day, regardless of what tools you are using - either you can draw...or you can't. An infinite number of "do-overs" won't change this fact. Thanks - this is an interesting point that I hadn't thought of. Obviously, we can only control what is produced on our end....but the potential availability of cheap reproduction prints would obviously be a detractor when they look exactly the same as the official artist-produced monoprint.
  5. Hmm...well, it's pretty clear in the description that the work is created digitally. That doesn't mean it's not "original", though - since there was no art, and now, POOF, here it is! This is the original artwork that was used to create the comic book. Each monoprint is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art. It's not "traditional" art....but then, that doesn't mean it's not original. The people that are buying these pages up are fully aware of exactly what they are getting. For your reading pleasure: http://withdigitaleyes.com/what-is-an-original-digital-print/ This is the direction the industry is moving now. DIgital art is becoming more and more prevalent. If you only want to collect "traditional" art because you feel that it's somehow more REAL, that's fine - but please don't discount an artist simply because they work digitally. Pretty soon, you may just have to discount everyone.
  6. As Batman gets ready for the big day... ...we celebrate this momentous occasion with some fantastic new artwork, and BIG NEWS (hint, hint) from superstar artist MIKEL JANIN! For starters: We have just added a bunch of Mikel's best interior pages from Batman 41-44! For those of you who may be unfamiliar with how Mikel prefers to work, here is a brief introduction to his artistic process: Mikel's interiors are created digitally - first with a digital layout which is then inked - and then further rendered with graytones and some color before the final production files are sent off to DC. The end results are often breathtaking to behold, and are truly unique works of art in their own right. His original interior artwork offered here consists of a unique original print of the final production file for each published page. The artwork is annotated by hand, and is signed & numbered ("1/1") by Mikel along the bottom edge and accompanied by our Certificate of Authenticity. Several samples are included below for your review. She said YES!!!!!!!! In addition, Mikel's digital covers are available as a large format (18 x 24) full color fine art giclee print suitable for framing. Cover monoprints are also signed and numbered ("1/1"), and issued with accompanying dual-signed COA. And now, for that BIG NEWS that we hinted at earlier: In coming weeks we will have not one, but TWO original (traditionally drawn pen and ink) Batman covers available from Mikel! These would mark only the SECOND and THIRD of Mikel's many Batman covers that have been drawn by hand! Keep an eye out here for more on this - we will be sending another announcement out as soon as the first cover image is officially solicited online. As always, thanks for looking! Court Gebeau www.comiconart.com
  7. Hot damn, that is one gorgeous funny book! Congrats
  8. I am leaning towards consigning my blue 1.5 Tec 31 to an upcoming ComicConnect auction, so very interested to see where those books end tonight. Does it make a noticeable difference whether a book is placed in one of the "Super Monthly" auctions, as opposed to an Event Auction? On one hand, the Event Auction gets more pub. On the other, the Event Auctions are also always loaded to the teeth with backbreaking blue chip books. So...maybe it would be better to be the only Tec 31 in a Super Monthly...as opposed to being one of many many amazing books in an Event Auction...?
  9. Yes...but can you put it into $$$...?!?
  10. Bump! Gonna let it ride here through the end of the week, then will explore other avenues...so hit me up if you'd like to discuss! Thanks
  11. Just posted this one over in the FS area in case anyone is interested.
  12. moving to eBay. Thanks for looking!
  13. Thanks guys - appreciate it! Also happy to discuss time payments for anyone that might be interested.
  14. Just posted a Tec 31 blue 1.5 in the marketplace in case anyone here might be looking.
  15. Just in time for the holidays, we are thrilled to announce the one and only ComiConArt sale event of 2017! Through the end of the month, take advantage of 30% OFF on available website inventory and 20% OFF on new commission requests from over 30 different artists! Here is the complete list of participating artists: First, take 30% OFF list price on all website inventory for the following aritsts: Abhishek Malsuni Brian Hurtt Ed Benes Glauber Matos Johnnie Christmas Juan Castro Juan Ferreyra Mehdi Cheggour Mico Suayan Netho Diaz (15% discount on covers) Oscar Bazaldua Renato Rei Rodin Esquejo Simon Gane Vik Bogdanovic Zach Howard And...take 30% OFF on all website inventory PLUS 20% OFF on new commission requests for the following artists: Alisson Rodrigues Artyom Trakhanov Carlos Rafael Diego Bernard Djibril Morissette-Phan Ediano Silva Gabo Jason Copland JB Neto Lan Medina Marcio Abreu Martin Morazzo Novo Malgapo Rahsan Ekedal Renato Guedes (covers excluded) Roc Upchurch Sheldon Goh Tyler Jenkins Need a great gift idea for a fellow comics art enthusiast? Have your eye on something for awhile now but couldn't quite pull the trigger...? Been hankering for a snazzy rendition of Godzilla wearing a santa hat, or just haven't been able to find what you've been looking for...? We can help! Here's your chance to land some amazing art at the best prices of the year! Thanks for looking, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS from all of us at ComiConArt!
  16. Joe Bennett Joins CCA + New Art From Ed Benes, Mico Suayan and More! Hi everyone! We are very excited to welcome Joe Bennett to CCA! Hailing from Brazil, Joe Bennett is a mainstay in the comics industry whose extensive body of work for Marvel and DC is comprised of just about every major character you can think of! If they wear a cape or a mask, and tend to seek out danger, then chances are that Joe has drawn them! We are happy to announce that Joe is now accepting a limited number of commission requests! You can check out pricing and samples HERE. Thor 700 Cover by Lucio Parrillo In other news, we have added just a ridiculous amount of art to the site since the last newsletter! Nwe art includes the following: Ed Benes - Superman #30 interiors, assorted pinups Joe Bennett - Interiors for Captain America, Red Hood & The Outlaws and Secret Empire Viktor Bogdanovic -Action Comics #987 interiors Fritz Casas - Zenescope covers, assorted pinups Juan Ferreyra - Green Arrow #32 interiors, Green Arrow #36 cover Brian Hurtt -Covers for The Damned and Dead of Winter Tyler Jenkins - Grass Kings covers and promotional art Djibril Morissette-Phan - Glitterbomb: Fame Game #1 interiors Lucio Parillo - Mighty Thor #700 variant cover Ediano Silva - Pathfinder Runescars #4 interiors Mico Suayan - Bloodshot Salvation #1 interiors, Bloodshot Salvation #3 cover, Wonder Woman pinup As always, thanks for looking! Court Gebeau www.comiconart.com
  17. Ack! Obviously not enough interest here to make it happen. Oh well! Thanks for looking!
  18. Not as of yet, no! A bit surprising, since the discounted pricing is in line with the individual costs of getting all of these signatures at the con, without the lines and without the wait! We have a few weeks, though, so we shall see what happens.