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  1. Oh really? Did you see the yahoo listing someone made referencing that article?
  2. Sorry for the necro bump, but given the upcoming auction on heritage and all. I thought I'd link this for the people that don't believe there are fakes. https://www.sankei.com/article/20221109-QE6LVZXPTRPS3JTRN4PCGMXRUM/
  3. I can tell you 100% these are fake. 2 listings have already been taken down because of comments saying they were fake. Who knows whats all in the books and how accurate they are? Also who knows what kind of paper they are printed on etc? Theres tons of high def images of this cover and DB Ch.1 out there along with all of the other mangas in this book. And the covers been used in all kinds of media since 1984.
  4. To follow up, you can see they all have these in common. Original printings have the error on the power pole sheath shown in one of my previous posts. An then that weird black smudge on all of these in the top right of the book. It was also pointed out to me that the Bulma text printed on her bike is blurry on the fakes. I've looked everywhere and can't find a real copy that doesn't have the mark on the powerpole sheath.
  5. These aren't ebay resellers. These fake books are each different sets of photos taken and listed on mercari. Like you said, that's one place where the ebay resellers buy the items and flip them on ebay once someone buys them on ebay. I'll also add that these fakes are relatively new. Only starting to be listed in the last month or so. Here's 3 separate listings of fake books. https://jp.mercari.com/item/m59196802671 https://jp.mercari.com/item/m58395366336 https://jp.mercari.com/item/m52159975328
  6. Here i circled the power pole thing, This is a real cover photo
  7. There's a bunch of them listed like this, in this same perfect condition, all centered exactly the same, but in particular the real ones have a whitened out mark on gokus power pole sheath. These are missing it. Also theres a weird like print mark in the top right above the red circle that appears on all of these. I almost purchased one of these, glad i didn't. I settled for a lesser condition one for now.
  8. This particular copy is also a fake by the way, so it's picking up a ton of traction. Enough for there to be fakes.
  9. I'm in Atlanta so no Tim Hortons, although... we do have this gem http://www.screamnnuts.com/ And that's where I am going after I get some nicotine lozenges and drop off this package for @SkOw
  10. I'd give my left leg for some this morning. Good plan.
  11. To each their own. Of course I'm going to be combative.
  12. I think there's a big disparity between your understanding of the word "great" and the actual definition. This thread feels more like a jovial "this is my moment" post for him.
  13. Did you not read that correctly?.. I don't think you read that correctly.
  14. Again. Mostly a collector. The entire point of me selling on here was to just rush funds into something else. I bet most would still take my money.
  15. I think there's a few things to take note of here. 1. I was wrong sure, I corrected it before you even made this thread. So you're goal to teach a lesson is sort of a moot point and creates undue drama. 2. I am almost solely a collector, not a flipper/vendor, so your attack angle will fall short here. I will say, @SkOw paid for the book and I will be shipping it out.
  16. Also, please censor my email out of your screenshots.
  17. Look man, I didn't reoffer you the book out of fear of being put on some blacklist. Either pay for the book or give it a rest.
  18. I offered him the book still and closed the thread. Kind of tedious to manage this on mobile, but if he's going to make a thread out of this, then so be it.
  19. Sold a Tomb of Terror 6 to Myles. Prompt payment and a pleasure to work with.
  20. That's it for now. I have some raw books, but lack the bandwidth to take photos. Thanks for looking at my thread!