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  1. No offence Alex (and you know I love you like a brother) but the signature on that book is better than the artwork.
  2. Just got my most recent set of books from Alex. As always, they were well packaged and full of gems. I worked it out last week that I have been buying SS for more than 3 years and I have got more than 95% from Alex and he is still my favourite seller after all this time.
  3. Well technically, I bought a HOM 174 for around $900 or so from greggy, so that's at least two in a row. That's still a good jump, but its warranted because it's increasingly being called a "key". In reality it has reprinted stories and no Cain-just a cool cover and being first in the new mystery format. and it has an Adam's involvement on the cover.
  4. i dunno. maybe my point is that i just got Hawkman 12 CGC 8.0 with Murphy Anderson's sig on the first page. i'm not involved in this other stuff. is that okay with everybody? Sal....writing the blokes name on the first page yourself doesn't count. Just joking......the blue label makes it seem like it is not a signed book, plus I hate the inconsistency with the way CGC handles unverified sigs. Great book....great sig.....
  5. and so Sal your point is...............
  6. Very nice pirate. I love weis and hickman. Currently reading the death gate cycle for about the millionth time.
  7. Stunning. i have never seen those books before. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I am glad that you have reconciled yourself with this scenario and have been able to rationalise the facts into "it was only a one off" and therefore he is good old Doug again. I can't do that same rationalisation........if he hadn't been caught mis appropriating funds would he have still been doing it? if he says he would press....why would I not believe he would do it to a pedigree book (i.e. so he has degrees of greed in that any book that isn't a pedigree he is more than willing to press up but a pedigree book is sacrosanct?) and on top of that he has been caught lying about the JIM (at least to one of the board members involved)........If I was to do an operational risk assessment on him I would have to rate him as a high risk..... I have tried to stay out of the debate as I am not really keen on mudslinging and to me there aren't any shades of grey either. He won't get anymore business from me.........
  9. Right now I just can't do it.......there is no logic in it at all, it is purely emotional.
  10. All but one of them has a 1 in it ...........
  11. I take it the Church copy, graded a mere 9.4 by CGC, which is currently up on Heritage's January Signature Auction, is not adequate? Tim...I have a watch bid on it (as well as on the 9.0) but I won't buy anymore slabs. I own araich's restored #7.5 and I think it is just the most wonderful cover. I gave it to my wife and she has it on display in our bedroom.
  12. B&B #54 NM+ B&B #34 NM+ Miss America #1 NM+ Bat #171 NM Looney Tunes #1 VF/NM