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  1. On 5/19/2022 at 3:24 PM, skybolt said:

    Did you press the book? Since these new graders are grading 80's and 90's books like recent moderns, if the spine does not look like a pancake, the book is guaranteed to come back a 9.4. I've also noticed that for each minor flaw, the book gets knocked down a grade. So if you have 4 very minor non color breaking creases along the spine, it'll go down to a 9.0.

    Again, if CGC has all of a sudden changed their grading criteria, I can adjust my grading to the new standards. However, 2 out of 3 submissions are still graded like they have been for the past 20 years. It's like playing a game of chance where 1 out of 3 submissions will get hammered. Also, I made a huge mistake of sending multiple copies of the same book in the same submission. If I had spread them out over 5 or 6 submissions, then at least a few of them would get a 9.8.

    Yes been submitting for a few years and have RECENTLY noticed the average grades are IN GENERAL 0.2-0.6 lower than in the past...If it is a 9.8 give it 9.8 and let the markets dictate the price EQUILIBRIUM...under grading in my opinion will likely decrease the # of books sent in...

  2. On 7/24/2020 at 12:48 PM, valiantman said:

    RallyRd.com just sold out of shares in CGC 9.8 TMNT #1 and CGC 5.0 Captain America #3 (1st Stan Lee story) in about 5 minutes.

    The CGC 9.8 TMNT #1 sold 1,000 shares at $65 each ($65,000) to 143 investors in about 2 minutes.

    The CGC 5.0 Captain America #3 sold 1,000 shares at $37 each ($37,000) to 114 investors in about 3 minutes.

    Other CGC-graded books have sold in 2020 as 1,000 shares each through RallyRd, including:

    CGC 6.5 Amazing Spider-Man #1 ($27,000, 1 share was $27)

    CGC 1.5 Batman #1 ($71,000, 1 share was $71, etc.)

    CGC 9.4 Batman #3 ($80,000)

    CGC 8.0 Incredible Hulk #1 ($89,000)

    CGC 9.0 Star Wars #1 35-cent variant ($12,000)

    CGC 9.0 Superman #21 ($8,500)

    CGC 9.0 Daredevil #1 will be next for $11.50 per share ($11,500 total), the date has not been set.

    There have been several discussions on this board through the years about the idea of partial ownership (shares) of expensive comics that are unaffordable for most collectors.  No, you don't get to hold the book in your hands or keep it for a day each year.  The books stay in the hands of the RallyRd company, which also has millions of dollars in exotic/classic cars and other classes of items sold as shares as well.  Each item is its own LLC and share buyers are legal owners in the LLC with a single asset... the collectible itself.  Regulated by the SEC, using a FINRA & SIPC broker. 

    Instead of "what if?" this is a post about "what is."

    RallyRd does not yet have a referral bonus, and I don't own any part of the company, so this isn't some spam/cashback post... it's board discussion.  Partial ownership in high dollar CGC graded books is now a thing.  

    EDITED January 15, 2021 - created graphics to show the current RallyRd inventory for the Comics & Literature and Memorabilia categories.




    UPDATED July 21, 2021 - one year after this topic stated

    RallyRd Comic Book Sales Results


    Great info and thoughts as always

  3. On 10/25/2021 at 10:31 AM, valiantman said:

    That's true - even "expert" Valiant collectors weren't sure which books had newsstand editions until just a few years ago.  The discussion online and list of Valiant newsstand books (1995-1996) was briefly a topic in 2004, again in 2006 with thirteen collectors having different info, and the list was still being edited up to 2015.  http://valiantfans.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=23543

    @sonicdan has a gallery on his site: https://sonicdan.com/reviews/pages/newsstandvaliant.htm


    Even now, I don't think we know how they were distributed.  Hasting's bookstore chain seems to have had some of them, and perhaps other bookstore chains of the mid-1990s, but I don't know if any non-bookstore chains (such as regular magazine/comic vendors at grocery stores, Walmart, or normal news vendors) ever carried any of the Valiant newsstand line.  I don't even remember seeing them at Hasting's but @sonicdan knows more about spending time at Hasting's than I do. lol

    WOW...thanks for the FURTHER enlightenment on Valiant collecting...I see why your handle is Valiantman...ROCK ON! 

  4. On 10/23/2021 at 6:56 PM, valiantman said:

    Pre-Unity Valiant came out in the brief window of time between books like X-Men #1 (1991) and Superman #75 (1992).   Millions of copies of those exist from the time that Pre-Unity Valiant was under 100,000, and some under 50,000.  That was 30 years ago now, and many were well-protected but others got thrown in bargain boxes 25 years ago (and even today, as @GeeksAreMyPeeps  demonstrated).

    They're a drop in the bucket compared to the print runs of Spawn #1 or Amazing Spider-Man #361, which are also contemporary books. 

    Pre-Unity Valiant isn't as scarce as Albedo #2, but I'm not seeing the Valiant prices approach $10,000 like Albedo either.   Most Pre-Unity Valiant are a little bit higher print runs than TMNT #1 3rd printing.

    Pre-Unity Valiant is worthy of far more than $100 and obviously less than $10,000.  There's plenty of room in between.

    Nice thought process Valiantman...I collected/invested in them back in 1992-93 because of their considerably smaller print runs of like 20,000-80,000 AND the artists and story writing was very high standard as well when Jim shooter started the company...what is even more interesting is trying to fill/find the last year issues of eternal warrior, shadowman, solar, harbinger, x-o manowar and BLOODSHOT...these are in GENERAL printed in even less quantities than the pre-unity ones believe it or not for example the last 4 issues of Bloodshot like #47-#51 (last issue) are less than 10,000 copies...Yowza and happy collecting and valiant movie watching...

  5. On 10/23/2021 at 12:11 PM, valiantman said:

    Generally speaking, we've been watching independent books from the 1980s jump in price around the time they hit 30 or 35 years old, as long as there is some fandom that wants them.  Albedo, Comico, Crow, Evil Ernie, TMNT, etc., and most of the original Valiant characters are reaching that 30th birthday right now and over the next two years. 

    There's no reason that early Valiant books will be $5,000+ like some of those independents anytime soon, but many of the key first appearances of Valiant characters which still have running titles today are only $100 to $300 for CGC 9.8 books as they're reaching 30 years old.   Valiant certainly had a bigger following than all other independents at one point, and nostalgia is really driven by memories - more people, more memories.

    There's a lot of room to grow when the 30-year-old first appearances of continuing independent titles still cost less than whatever flavor-of-the-month variant printing just came out from Marvel (sarcastically, it's probably a Venom-related 3rd printing of the next big symbiote offshoot with the alternate cover art variant and a print run rumored under negative ten).  People will pay $250 for that while the ink is still wet, no problem. lol

    Nice analysis...you hit the Magic 30 year demographic right on the head...these are the people that also are in their PRIME peak earning capabilities and on an AGGREGATE basis have more disposable cash to collect those precious "emotional memories"...after all most everything based on emotions even grading (i.e. RELATIVELY slightly better grades given when the graders are in a good mood verses a bad mood etc. and I am sure you guys can think of reasons for good and bad moods...just a fact of life...happy collecting!!!!


  6. On 10/8/2021 at 3:16 PM, carcrawfordfan said:

    Just had a 25 book modern pre-screen get checked in today and go straight to g/e/i. I ran errands all day and just checked and it was marked as shipped for 10/11. I still have 4/7 stuff sitting at CCS in process and many other prescreens sitting in g/e/i from as old as late july. Weirdest thing I have ever seen. I was also charged today as well, so it is going out the door.








    That is awesome...new process testing probably as well as a bit of luck...gotta switch things up from time to time in all aspects of business...

  7. On 9/14/2021 at 5:24 PM, do-boy99 said:

    Could the damage have happened during shipping to them?

    All the same corner sounds like a drop at some point.

    This seems like what happened ESPECIALLY when large number of books are sent via mail...had this happen several times when ordered from ebay...alomost the exact crunch to 7-10 books...